Drizly Review: Alcohol Deliveries within the Hour

, Drizly Review: Alcohol Deliveries within the Hour, The Travel Bug Bite

Yesterday was a cold, lazy Friday night after a long week of work. Isaac and I really wanted a bottle of wine to go with the pizza that we ordered online on Grub Hub but we didn’t want to brave the outdoors for alcohol, so we finally tried Drizly.

This app that promises alcohol deliveries within an hour also happened to have a great selection for reasonable prices. There is a $19 minimum so we got 2 bottles of Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon for just over $20 including tax and tip. Before ordering, Isaac tried Retail Me Not, an app that claims to find you coupons/discounts on things.

We were skeptical that it would work on another obscure app like Drizly, but to our surprise, we got a $5 discount on the already cheap wine with free delivery! It was all too good to believe.

We placed the order and then we waited… but not for long. Within a minute the order was processed, boxed and out for delivery! Only half an hour later we got a phone call that the wine was here. We just had to show some ID proving we were over 21 (which we unfortunately are) and the wine was ours!

Our first experience with Drizly was great and we will definitely be trying it again. Previously, we had tried to use it to buy some almond Baileys, which isn’t commonly sold in stores and that was more difficult. It was being sold for $6 more than average and shipping was $10. But if you’re in a pinch then it’s a great option even with the extra cost.

I definitely recommend you to try it out and feel free to post how it went in the comment section below. Cheers!

, Drizly Review: Alcohol Deliveries within the Hour, The Travel Bug Bite

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