Make Up, Break Up – A Short Story About Betrayal

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Tomorrow, a lifelong dream is coming true for me. My fictional romance story is getting published in a steamy anthology! But I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow… today I’m here to tell you about another story.

In this short romantic comedy, 22-year-old Helen faces one betrayal after another from the various men in her life. There’s her lying long-term boyfriend, inappropriate hostel boss, violent ex-boss and at least one condescending cop. Finally, there’s her dangerously sexy ex-boyfriend who has settled down with a vain skinny bitch and has forgotten all about Helen. Or has he?

Make Up, Break Up is a short fictional comedy/romance story inspired by the crazy expats living in Prague. I came to Prague when I was almost 4 and spent 20 years being one of those crazy expats that all the locals complain about.

One thing that I have noticed living in Prague as an English-speaker is that there are very few if any, rom-com stories set there. So, I decided to write one. Writing my other story, the one that will finally be published tomorrow after years of puling teeth. This one, on the other hand, came out in a matter of days!

You can grab a free copy of it by clicking on the link below. If you chose to share your email address with me, I will occasionally (once a week tops) email you with updates about my future fictional writing!



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