Free Coffee in NYC: Pret A Manger

, Free Coffee in NYC: Pret A Manger, The Travel Bug Bite

New York City is known for being expensive! We have lived here since August and I can confirm this, however, there are ways to visit or live here on a budget. One thing that we have done, is traded in Starbucks for a much better coffee chain Pret a Manger.

Not only is the coffee here delicious and cheaper than at other chains. They give you a free first coffee and they had a great card that rewards you for your loyalty. This card is digital and you can use it through your their app. You can also save your payment information which allows you to pay by scanning your unique barcode directly from your phone.

Although you will often come in to Pret and see a long line of people, the line will move at lightning speed. This is because they only make fancy coffees for you and if you want a regular coffee, you can pour it yourself! They have a cute little coffee bar with four options: decaf and three different brews as well as several kinds of milk, including nut-based dairy-free milks! Of course there’s also sugar, cinnamon and cocoa.

So basically, you come in, scan your barcode, pick a size and you do the rest yourself. No one gets the chance to mess up your order and you are in an out as quickly as you need. Of course, you can also bring your own thermos to illuminate plastic waste and you are welcome to hang out in their seating area for as long as you want.

In case you were wondering, yes, they do have pumpkin spice lattes that can be vegan or not! There’s nothing basic about enjoying some pumpkin spice in the fall time! *glares at haters*

Check it out:


  1. Hi,
    I am writing as an insider of Pret. My story is very compkex which involved the top leadership, CEO, HR, HQ abd confront Pret openly after being bullied during bereavement. I declined 4 settlement offers if I am silent about my ordeal, that’s why Pret doesn’t respond publicly as they try to sweep under the carpet.
    The reason why the queue is served fast is because staff are fear managed to serve per customer within one minute or they can lose bonus when the mystery shopper times them.
    I listed many of my colleagues reviews and complaints as Pret is good in PR and hiding true wirk conditiins.
    Also, if anyone cares, google “Pret A Manger How companies force emotional labor on low wage workers”

  2. Hi,
    for the first time since writing my blog I was able to verbally tell my story with Pret A Manger and added it to all the staff reviews.
    An interview with a podcaster based in California. My heart is for employees and the public to look closer. Thanks.
    Interview on top of page audio player:

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