ThredUp: My New Shopping Addiction

, ThredUp: My New Shopping Addiction, The Travel Bug Bite

ThredUp combines my two favorite things: eco (and wallet) friendly clothes plus online shopping! I have no idea how they keep up with demand and I don’t understand how they can afford to sell clothes for as cheap as $2… but I’ve just received my first order of 24 fabulous pieces of clothing that is my treasure after being discarded as someone’s trash.

Take a look at ThredUp before you read my ramblings, but if you get caught up shopping, don’t forget to use this link that will get both of us $10! Before you get overwhelmed with all the filters, links and options take a deep breath and review my ThredUp Guide below:

1. Make an account

I always groan when I’m asking to create a new account somewhere… I always forget the password and I get a spammed mailbox. The reason I am telling you to make an account with ThredUp is to save more than just your shopping cart:

2. Set up and save your filters

Once you have an account you can save your filters! Any time you search for something, you can save the search and access it easily if you didn’t find what you were looking for the first time.

You can chose between new items with labels, gently used, on sale, in someone else’s cart (we’ll get to that later), by style, by color, by brand and so many more options. When you fist create an account, it’ll ask about your size and that part will auto select each time you search, however you can always edit these. Now back to the cart thievery…

3. Browse the sales and other people’s shopping carts

When you add something to the cart, you don’t just save it for later, you reserve it for 24 hours! This means that no one else can buy the item that’s sitting in your cart. This is what makes ThredUp so genius and user friendly!

While the item is in your cart, it can still be found if another user selects the option of seeing what is in other people’s carts. If you like an item that’s already reserved, you get get in line and get notified if they end up changing their minds or letting the 24 hour period expire. Be careful though, because your cart (holding a max of 25 items) can expire too!

4. Click buy – but don’t forget about the bundle 

Let’s say you don’t want to miss out on something, but you hate paying shipping fees. ThredUp has a solution for this too! You can buy individual items and add them to your bundle. You will pay shipping, but you can keep adding to your bundle for up to a week!

Once you reach $80 on your bundle, the shipping deposit will be refunded to you. You can also change your mind and have the bundle shipped whenever you want. Spending $80 on second hand clothes can seem daunting but ThredUp offers some fancy designer clothes! Plus, think about how much you’d pay for Levis jeans?

5. Share with your friends and family in exchange for $$$

As.I mentioned before, if you refer a friend, you will both get a gift card! It’s just $10, but if you have a group of shopper friends, then you could get enough to buy yourself that cute coach bag. Oh yeah, ThredUp offers bags and shoes as well as clothes!

6. Donate the clothes you don’t like back to ThredUp

Many of the clothes you buy from ThredUp can be returned (although some are not-returnable, just read the fine print). But once your closet seems full of clothes that you are no longer wearing, you can always donate them to ThredUp to re-sell! They offer Clean Out Kit that comes with a polka dot bag and a shipping label to make it hassle free for you.

7. FINAL TIP – Get all the discounts!

I bet you’re already dying to shop, but bear with me for one more minute. I recommend making your first order before you get the app. Use your computer and order as much as you want because you get 50% off your first order!!!

Once you download the app, you will get a 20% discount that cannot be combined with the 50%, so make sure to use these separately for the greatest discount! Now what are your waiting for? Go shop until you drop! Oh yeah, and don’t forget about my link.

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