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Sometimes, people in America ask my husband Isaac why he prefers to travel abroad when he could be exploring his own country. When we lived abroad the answer was “because it’s too expensive to fly to America.” We finally made the move to America in July 2018 and over a year later we have only managed to travel around six states that border each other. The reason? Traveling within America itself is incredibly expensive especially considering that flying to Prague for $322 is a possibility!

Back in August I decided to check the price of tickets to Europe. November was the cheapest month to travel and the prices were beyond amazing. $150 for a roundtrip flight to Reykjavik, Iceland, $200 to London, UK! Flying to Prague for $322 turned out to be the best option for me!

This was not a special deal. This is how much ticket to Prague cost during the low tourism season. This is where people could argue that you can get to many places in America for the same price. While $300 will buy you a plane ticket to various cool places that I hope to one day explore, other cost factors make Prague more affordable.

In Prague and around Europe in general, you can find a decent hotel from $20-50 a night. Prague happens to be on the lower end of that number, so my private one-bedroom apartment in the city center is only costing me $175 for a week, all fees included.

Back in May I was planning a trip from New York to Washington DC. I was looking for cheap Airbnbs in DC or anywhere on the way. I couldn’t find anything cheaper than $100 a night. For fun, let’s say I did snag an amazing deal. Now I need to think about food, transportation and costs of visiting sights/museums.

A nice meal in Prague with a cocktail or a few beers will only run you more than $10 if you got to a fancy Czech restaurant or a place targeting tourists. Normally, I spend $6 on a meal and a beer, tip included. The price for museums or sights such as going up the Prague tower will range from $1-6 maximum. This makes flying to Prague for $322 sound even better.

The highly effective transportation system costs $13 for a 3 day unlimited pass. If you want to be extravagant, then you can get an Uber for $5-10 depending on where you are going, potentially $15 if you’re going from the city center all the way to the airport.

Despite the ridiculously cheap prices in some parts of Europe, I do hope to explore America more. I hope to save up some money and do a cross-country road trip either this summer or the next. Until then, I want to keep traveling to nearby States and cities, because you don’t always have to travel far to experience something cool.

I am really happy, however, that I can visit my home city without breaking the bank. I’d also like to encourage more Americans to visit Europe. I’d like to put an end to the misconception that traveling to Europe is super expensive. It also isn’t as far as you may think. Flying from Boston or New York to London only takes 6 hours! If traffic is bad enough, you could spend that long driving from Rhode Island to New York City.

Speaking of flying to Prague… that is exactly what I am doing tonight! I’ll write all about my trip once I’m back in a week. If you’re feeling inspired, read this for tips on finding cheap flights!

Charles Bridge, Prague CZ
Charles Bridge, Prague CZ
Prague view from Castle, CZ
Lesser Town Swans, Prague, CZ
Lesser Town Swans, Prague, CZ
St. Wenceslaus Riding Dead Horse, Prague, CZ
St. Wenceslaus Riding Dead Horse, Prague, CZ


  1. Hello! I’m friends with Beth Lieberman and she forward your blog post to me! I’m planning on taking my son over to visit her in Prague.
    If you have any travel advise or tricks for cheaper flights and stuff like that I would be very interested in that information.
    Hope your having fun over there now 😊

    1. Hello Sharon! It’s so nice to e-meet you 🙂 I actually wrote about the tips on cheap flights here: For Prague specifically, November seems the time to go! It’s twice the price around Christmas or in the summer. In the attached article you can see how to search for the cheapest month and select the cheapest days to go! Thank you so much 🙂 I’ll be writing lots of Prague stuff once I’m back!

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