Ukrainians in America: Diaspora near Rhode Island

Ukrainians in America, Ukrainians in America: Diaspora near Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

One of the best things about America is that it is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. While no cities and towns are quite as international as New York, it is not unusual to see various cultures living and thriving together. Looking more into this made me realize that there are so many Ukrainians in America.

“As of the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 892,922 Americans of full or partial Ukrainian descent. The New York City Metropolitan Area contains by far the largest Ukrainian community in the United States, receiving the highest legal permanent resident Ukrainian immigrant population.”


Before we moved to Rhode Island, we lived in New York City. No one batted an eyelash when you told them that you were an immigrant with dual citizenship. So many there had similar stories.

There are also many places in New York to go and connect with other Ukrainians, from Brighton Beach to Veselka in Ukrainian village. There are parades for Ukrainian Independence Day, protests against Russian oppression and various celebrations that bring the Ukrainian community together.

Rhode Island doesn’t have a large Ukrainian population. There is a Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI. St Michael’s throws food festivals and other Ukrainian events. But to go to a Ukrainian restaurant I’d have to go back to New York or Boston (where they have a Polish/Ukrainian restaurant.)

I’m not saying that Rhode Island isn’t international. There are so many people living here from all over the world. The biggest diasporas here are Portuguese and Italian. In the six months that I have lived here, I’ve had the chance to attend events to celebrate Greek and Taiwanese culture!

How to connect?

There are many ways of finding fellow Ukrainians near you! One great option is to follow or join Facebook groups. The following are great:

There are also plenty of groups that are specific to location. The ones near me are these:

Today, there are over one million Ukrainians living in the USA! I hope to find an event near me soon so I can go and connect with other Ukrainians. Sharing our culture, food and stories is a great way to bring a piece of home to the USA with us.

Ukrainians in America, Ukrainians in America: Diaspora near Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite
Ukrainian costume in front of the Providence State House, RI.

You can read about what it’s like to live in Ukraine here.

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  1. As you say, not a major Ukrainian population in Rhode Island; but can you point me to traditional folk music and dance groups nearby. I have spoken with Father Michael at the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Woonsocket, but only to send my regrets and offer my prayers.

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