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$89 Orchestra Seat Broadway Tickets: Catch? You Don’t Pick the Show

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Today I spent a total of $198 on two orchestra seat tickets for a Broadway show. I chose the date and I upgraded from $59 for regular seats to orchestra seats. The one thing I cannot chose? Which show to see. Broadway Roulette will tell me the morning of!

I discovered Broadway Roulette in a Facebook advertisement. It was one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t get to go to a Broadway show while I lived in New York City. Why didn’t I go? The price…

There are various tricks to getting cheap Broadway tickets to shows but they all require a sacrifice. With Broadway Roulette, the sacrifice is that you cannot chose which show you will see. However, you are allowed to pick six shows that you would not want to see. These are removed from the roulette.

The first thing that my skeptical husband said when I mentioned this to him was: I bet they find cheaper tickets so you end up overpaying. They claim that they don’t. Also, the evidence is on the official Broadway website. I looked for the cheapest show and selected a random day. The price that said $49+ was now $177 for the cheapest Broadway tickets. I can’t see how $89 plus the $9 fee can be beat.

If $89 is still more than you’re willing to pay to watch a random show, you have options. You can have less fancy seats for just $59 (plus fees). Or, if you want to go Monday – Thursday, it’s only $49 (plus fees). If you don’t live in the USA and are wondering about these fees I keep mentioning, most events unfortunately have a payment fee between $3 and $10 per ticket.

I can’t wait to tell you all about my experience at a Broadway show. I also can’t wait to find out which show I will be watching! Unfortunately, I won’t find out until the day of my show on February 1st. Still, it’s worth the price and seriously, is any Broadway performance not worth $89?

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Broadway Tickets
Broadway Tickets at a price of a random show!

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