Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake Walk Around – Da Lat, Vietnam

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Da Lat is a beautiful city in the center of Vietnam. Originally, we had only planned on spending a day and a half here. The moment we arrived and saw everything there is to do, we extended our stay to three full days. It was just that awesome. Two of our days were spent going on tours, such as the Da Lat Countryside Tour and Canyoneering. Our third day was more relaxing, meaning we went to the market, 100 Rooftop (Maze) Bar and took a leisurely five kilometer walk around the Xuan Huong Lake.

What Can You See Near Xuan Huong Lake?

There is so much to see and do around Xuan Huong Lake. Before we began our walk we made sure to get sufficiently caffeinated at the Doha Cafe. This was our starting point for the two hour walk. From there we saw the Swan Paddle Boats and we took a ride to the center of the lake.

From there up to the north point of the lake, things weren’t too exciting. We saw horses pulling Cinderella-esque carriages, a few soft baby sheep that we pet and pretty gates to a mystery building that we didn’t explore further.

At the north of the lake, things got exciting again. There was delicious street food and the hustle bustle of motorcycles. There was also a beautiful natural garden Cơ Sở Lê Mỹ Lang. We didn’t have time to go in to explore and we regret not coming back to do so. There were some “samples” of what you’d see inside along the path back to the southern end of the river.

South of the River

There was a lot more of nothing but peaceful walking and cute waterside on our way back down. Many runners, foreign and local passed us. Back at the end of the lake we encountered more vendors. There was a beautiful view of a TV tower that slightly resembles the Eiffel Tower. Since Da Lat was once occupied by the French, there is a lot of European influence in the city.

From the South of the River you can easily walk to the market and even the 100 Rooftop (Maze) Bar. The walk around the river was in no means spectacular. It was just a nice and peaceful way to spend the day. A nice change of pace from our high intensity adventuring. I highly recommend visiting this amazing city on your trip to Vietnam.

You can read more about the Xuan Huong Lake here. The featured photo for this blog post came from TripZilla.

Xuan Huong Lake
Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat, Vietnam

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