Relaxing at the Bodhi Spa – Newport, RI

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A few weeks ago Isaac and I took the evening off to go relax at the Bodhi Spa in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is one of my favorite cities in the state, so the scenic drive down was just the beginning of a great experience. The Bodhi Spa offers hydrotherapy, massages, facials, enhancements and body treatments.

Water Journey

We booked the hydrotherapy experience, which is also known as the water journey. The simple way to explain this is that there pools and saunas with different temperatures, scents, etc. You go from one pool to another, either in the recommended order or based on your own preference.

The space is quite small and the number of guests is limited. We had to book a few weeks in advance and it cost $60 per person. We had a three-hour time frame to come enjoy the experience. Some other guests were already there before we arrived and most stayed even after we left. Personally, an hour was enough time to spend here but to each their own.

The various pools and saunas offered are as follows:

Epsom Salt Pool
Dead Sea Salt
Eucalyptus Steam Room
Cold Plunge
Infrared Sauna

You can read more about the process on the official website. Personally, I had a lot of trouble with the cold plunge. It takes some getting used to and I saw many people fully submerged for the recommended 30 seconds. I expected to like the dead sea salt pool the most but I spent the most time in the Epsom salt because it was the warmest. The eucalyptus steam room was probably my favorite sauna but whenever it blew the steam in, it got a little too intense so I couldn’t stay in long.


Between these pools and saunas, Isaac and I made sure to hydrate with the lemon and cucumber water on hand. They also offered tea and had sitting areas to take a break from the pools. If I did this more often, I could see myself staying longer than an hour by taking breaks in between.

Also, if I were to go again, I would definitely book a massage. We were super relaxed after just the pools and it would have been perfect prep for a massage. We also overheard from other customers that if you book a treatment, you get a hefty discount on the water journey. So we may definitely come back and do things a little differently.

Oh, I almost forgot to say! While this would be a great place to go with your girlfriends, keep in mind that they have a whisper rule. They take it pretty seriously and a few people were shushed so that everyone could relax. Isaac and I had a lot of fun communicating non-verbally but we couldn’t get our gossip on until after we left.

Bodhi Spa – Newport, RI

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