Bullymake Box: Dog Toys Review

Bullymake Box, Bullymake Box: Dog Toys Review, The Travel Bug Bite

The Bullymake Box is a dog toy and treat subscription box. Today there are many options when it comes to monthly subscriptions for dogs. This one is different because it specifically targets power chewers. As a proud owner of two 75 pound naughty boy doggies, I had to try it out! Also, all toys are locally made in the USA.

For $39 a month, the Bullymake Box comes with one hard scented chew toy, one rubber toy and two bags of snacks. There are many deals that either give you a discount on your first box or offer you a third toy. From my experience the toys are durable, but the rubber ones aren’t indestructible. Since my boys have been known to destroy Kong toys in the past, I don’t expect miracles.

Great Customer Service

One of the best things about Bullymake is their customer service. If a toy is destroyed, they will replace it. If they send you snacks with an ingredient that your dog is allergic to, they will send new treats. In case you want to cancel your subscription, they will offer you options. These include pausing the subscription or skipping certain months. They will make sure that you are satisfied.

Since their toys last so long, we just changed our subscription from monthly to every three months. This suits our needs since the treats last long and the toys take months to destroy. Bullymake box’s flexibility and focus on the customer makes them stand out amongst other companies.

Just like Bullymake, the toys in the box are themed. We are currently waiting for our Valentine’s themed box and we’re expecting hearts and flowers! For Thanksgiving we had a turkey leg Nylabone-style chew. For Christmas we got a Christmas present Kong-style rubber toy. They are always cute and the hard chews are always scented. The dogs enjoy the toys for months!

Bullymake Box, Bullymake Box: Dog Toys Review, The Travel Bug Bite
Bullymake Box

Bullymake Box, Bullymake Box: Dog Toys Review, The Travel Bug Bite

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