Going to Puerto Rico: Plans & Expectations

Puerto Rico, Going to Puerto Rico: Plans & Expectations, The Travel Bug Bite

Tonight I will be on a flight to Puerto Rico! I could not be more excited to visit this wonderful island that I’ve heard so much about. The plan is to stay for a week and make the most of the trip despite the politics and weather. The three big things on my list are zip-line, bio-luminescent bay kayaking, and the pink lake!


The Rainforest Zipline Experience offers over 2,300 feet (701 meters) of zip-line in one of America’s only tropical rainforest. When I say in, I should say over. There is a choice of zip-line only over the treetops or a day trip that combines a walk through the park as well as a zip-line adventure!

The cost for just the zip-line is $99 and the combo tour is $175!

Bio-Luminescent Bay:

Puerto Rico is known for its Bioluminescent Bays. There are many different tours in the area to pick from. Prices range from $50-150 and there are many combo tours that include kayaking through the rain forest.

“Bioluminescence occurs through a chemical reaction that produces light energy within an organism’s body. For a reaction to occur, a species must contain luciferin, a molecule that, when it reacts with oxygen, produces light.”


Pink Lake:

I love exploring strange natural occurrences, especially when they are colorful. While I wasn’t able to explore the rainbow mountains in China, I did get a bra-full of green sand in Hawaii. The Pink Lake is next on my color travel adventure bucket list!

“The phenomenon of pink water is caused by the salinity of salt flats. Pink waters are often found by beaches as the coloration is caused by the presence of a specific type of shrimp. Fun fact — it’s the same kind of shrimp flamingos eat.”

Jen on a Jet Plane

For those who follow The Travel Bug Bite, this itinerary may seem a little weak. We are old and tired now, traveling with family. We are hoping to spend a few days relaxing on the beach and actually resting for once! Even writing that I know how unlikely it is that we will stay put… but hey, these are our plans. Stay tuned for videos, reviews and to find out what we actually end up doing.

Puerto Rico, Going to Puerto Rico: Plans & Expectations, The Travel Bug Bite
Bon Voyage!

Puerto Rico, Going to Puerto Rico: Plans & Expectations, The Travel Bug Bite

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