Toroverde, Puerto Rico: $99 Zip Line Day Pass

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Puerto Rico is an amazing place to visit because of its beaches, the culture and the only tropical rain forest in the USA. Another perk is that it is home to the world’s second longest zip line! Toroverde is an amazing zip line park that offers various different activities all for the grand price of $99.

The previously mentioned second longest zip line in the world is accurately called THE MONSTER. Individually, just buying tickets for this costs $135 which is why many people refer to this as a scam. If you pay for the $99 Day Pass, you have the choice of only doing The Monster and saving $36. So make sure you check out the individual prices and do the math before purchasing any ticket.

The Monster

This was the longest zip line in the world until early 2018 when the United Arab Emirates do what they do best – break world records. This longest zip line starts from UAE’s tallest mountain, Jebel Jais (6,345 feet). The ride is 9,284 feet (or 1.75 miles) in length. Participants will reach speeds close to 95 mph for a hefty fee of $175.

In comparison, Toroverde’s The Monster is 2.5km (2530m, 8300ft, 1.57mi) cable, equivalent to 28 football fields. It also reaches the speed of 95 mph and can be enjoyed for as little as $99. The views are spectacular and if you wiggle or spread your arms during the flight, you may get stuck over a beautiful valley staring at a breathtaking sparkling river.

Toroverde, Puerto Rico
The Monster, Toroverde, Puerto Rico

Other Zip Lines/Activities

The Beast

Boost your adrenaline to the maximum levels once you reach a speed of 100 km/h on the Beast. Without a doubt, it will be an adventure that will take your levels of energy to the highest.

Zip Line

Toroverde prepares you to enjoy the best adventure from the heights of Orocovis. Enjoy incredible views of the mountains of Puerto Rico in a sequence of eight zip lines loaded with emotion and adrenaline. A unique experience that you don’t want to miss!

8th Zip Line, Toroverde, Puerto Rico


The Zipline Roller or ToroRoller, has a height of 60 feet. It is for children and adults 7 years and older. ToroRoller is composed of rope fields, obstacles and climbing towers. It is the only Roller of this size that has been built for outdoor activities, exclusively designed for ToroVerde. Which makes it unique worldwide.

Escape if You Can

The ultimate tour! You will combine two extreme Zipline in seating position and five hanging bridges. Each bridge has a different challenge, including a free fall of 131 feet, What are you waiting for? Dare yourself!

When to Arrive to do it All?

We arrived at 10 AM and tried to do as much as we could. Since came on a Thursday, crowds were minimal. We started with The Monster, then went on to The Beast. After a quick lunch, we tackled the ToroRoller and then the eoght-part Zip Line.

We started our Zip Line adventure at 3 and were among the last to leave the Toroverde at 5:30 PM. We didn’t have enough time for Escape if You Can which can take up to 4 hours. If we had arrived right at 8, we may have done it all as long as there weren’t too many people!

If you go on a weekend, definitely arrive early. Even on our low crowd day we waited for over 40 minutes after The Beast for a shuttle to arrove. You never know when you’ll get stuck waiting in line and it could compromise your chance to do everything!

Toroverde, Puerto Rico


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  1. Toroverde was so much fun! Go for the Monster first so you don’t chicken out =) the other ziplines are definitely worth checking out too!

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