Big River Management Area: The Best RI Hiking Spot

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I have been exploring hiking spots in Rhode Island ever since I moved here about a year ago. For such a small state, it has a surprisingly impressive amount of diverse spots to explore. I have managed to visit quite a few of them during my brief time here. So far, my absolute favorite has been Big River Management area in West Greenwich.

Before I tell you why I love it, let me show you!

Okay, a lot of the pictures are of me and Isaac too, but I couldn’t help myself. We have a lot of fun on these hikes! We love this place so much that we have come back for the second weekend in a row. Our first hike here was five miles and our second was eight. There are so many paths to pick from; we will be coming back for a ten mile hike next weekend as long as the weather holds up!

Picking a Big River Management Area Path

I like to just go ahead and see where a path takes me. Isaac disagrees and loves to have a plan. He uses an app that is great for finding trails called Trail Forks. Even with this amazing app that has regular updates on the condition, difficulty level and popularity of each path, it is still easy to get lost. We got lost on both of our hikes and ended up walking in a big circle this past weekend.

One of the best things about this area is that there is a lot to see and various different environments. There are beautiful lakes, ponds, rivers, old structures, beaches, forests, rocks, areas with different types of trees and so much more. It’s hard to get bored with so much to see!

You can find the map below on Trail Forks here.

Are there Mushrooms?

If you follow this blog, then you may know that I am slightly mushroom obsessed. I pick them, grow them, eat them, love them. It’s part of my culture and you can go blame my parents for teaching me to identify and pick mushroom since I was five. Anyway! This place is not the best for mushroom picking.

I won’t reveal my favorite mushroom spots, cause I’m selfish like that. But it’s important to consider the types of trees when mushroom picking. Evergreen trees are bad news for mushroom hunters. The very same edible mushroom growing on an oak, should not be picked when growing on an evergreen.

When Isaac and I visited this place during mushroom hunting season, we did not find anything edible. There was a spot full of oaks that could have potential, but there are much better forests in Rhode Island for mushroom picking. For example, the area around Stepstone Falls.

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I personally like to hike with just my phone, but for longer hikes it’s a good idea to bring a few things. One thing I am strongly considering buying is a straw that purifies water! There are some other great things to check out on Amazon. Here are some links fo hiking boots for men and these for women.

There are also kits that include compact first aid supplies, survival tools, folding trekking poles and bracelets with essential life-saving tools.

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