Virtual Brew Run 5k: Shirt, Glass & Medal for $25

Virtual Brew Run, Virtual Brew Run 5k: Shirt, Glass & Medal for $25, The Travel Bug Bite

Run before beer and you’re in the clear! That is my personal motto for this Virtual Brew Run. This run, like the ones I previously wrote about, is a virtual run that can be done at one’s own pace. While the other races that I have mentioned only include a medal in the base price, this one also includes a t-shirt and a glass with a logo.

Due to the size and weight of the package, there is an additional $10 fee for shipping within the USA. Even at $35, this is a great price for a race that includes these extras. Do be careful about shirt sizing. I made the mistake of asking my husband to order me a size M when I should have asked for a size S. He accidentally ordered me and L and now I have a new beer-themed dress.

Virtual Brew Run, Virtual Brew Run 5k: Shirt, Glass & Medal for $25, The Travel Bug Bite

This Virtual Brew Run is a great excuse to get some exercise in and en even better excuse to drink some beer! Do people really need an excuse, you may ask. Not really. Even with our newly healthier lifestyle we still enjoy a drink or two. But this makes it completely guilt-free. A nice bonus, the medal is a magnetic beer opener. So while I display mine on a medal rack, Isaac’s is on the fridge getting a regular workout of its own.

So how does it work?

It’s easy peasy lemon into beery squeazy. Yes, I’m super cheesy. Once you make the order, you receive your package with a bib, medal, shirt and beer glass pretty quickly. We got ours in about a week. Once you have them, you can run the 5k at your own pace. With or without beer stops along the way. Believe it or not, but there actually are IRL races where you run from one beer/wine tasting point to another.

Once you finish, you can submit your times to them via their online form and you can show off in the official Facebook page. I didn’t actually do this but it can be a fun additional thing to do! The only way we celebrated was by showing off on our social media pages and drinking some beer out of our new awesome glasses. Because couples who run together, drink beer together!

Join a Virtual Race

Virtual races are a great way to stay active and motivated. There are many to chose from and some even donate to charities. Get your run on by joining a virtual race today! If beer is not your thing, check out these others:

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Virtual Brew Run, Virtual Brew Run 5k: Shirt, Glass & Medal for $25, The Travel Bug Bite

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