World Emoji Day: July 17th Holiday

World Emoji Day, World Emoji Day: July 17th Holiday, The Travel Bug Bite

Today is world emoji day and I hope that you spent it sending emojis. You may wonder why we are celebrating emojis. They are unprofessional and can be confusing, right? Meh. Was it unprofessional for the Egyptians to use hieroglyphics? Is it confusing to add an emoticon at the end of a ambiguous sentence to convey emotion? I believe that emojis are simply part of modern communication. Language has always been fluid, which is why ‘twerk’ and “FOMO” were added to the Oxford dictionary in 2015.

“There is not a creator of language or a designer, but instead, it flows from how society uses the specific sounds that come out of our mouth. William Shakespeare is a good example of the fluidity of language. He used so many words that were never used before.”

Lingo Hut


All good things come from Japan. Sushi, Lazy Egg and emojis! The word emoji comes from the Japanese “e” (picture) and “moji” (character). The world’s first Emoji was created in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, who took his inspiration from weather symbols. His vision of capturing emotion through digital messaging with small emoticons has turned into a modern-day, global language.

Why Celebrate World Emoji Day?

Why are emojis so special? They are silly images that people use in bizarre and sometimes inappropriate ways:

We’re clearly not all fluent in emojis, but they are a great way to communicate. Not just with friends and family but with just about anyone in the world! You don’t need to speak the same language as someone to communicate your message of love, happiness or support with emoticons.

“It is one of the most universal languages. A smiley face in the UK is the same in Spain, France and Germany. Obviously, when it comes to different culture there will be some language barriers, but a universal language in which emotions, most items and other aspects of conversation are multi-lingual is a strong starting point for global communication.”

Language Insight



No summary needed. Emojis are awesome. Embrace them, use them, celebrate them. Don’t forget to drop your favorite emoji in the comment section below!

World Emoji Day, World Emoji Day: July 17th Holiday, The Travel Bug Bite

World Emoji Day, World Emoji Day: July 17th Holiday, The Travel Bug Bite

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