Blogging Masterclass on Udemy for $15

Blogging Masterclass, Blogging Masterclass on Udemy for $15, The Travel Bug Bite

The Blogging Masterclass is the second class I completed on Udemy, a global marketplace for learning and instruction. It is a great place to find online classes with certificates on a every topic you could possibly imagine. I discovered Udemy while researching free online wine classes but today it is often advertised on Hulu. The prices of classes on Udemy vary from free to several hundred dollars. I lucked out on a sale and bought my Blogging Masterclass course for just $15.

First Impressions

While sales on Udemy are common, this course normally costs $109 and I would say that it is completely worth it. But before you get this course, you should know something. The examples and walk-throughs of setting up a blog are all about WordPress. You may say “good for you” since I have a WordPress blog. Wrong! This course is about not If you don’t know the difference, take this class because it explains it perfectly.

So I started the Blogging Masterclass grumpy, skipping all the stuff until I got to the juicy part! I got super excited when the lecturer, Brad Merrill, mentioned BuzzSumo. For those of you who don’t know, like me just a week ago, this is a great resource that helps you figure out what content is popular and who creates it.

Before you get too excited, like I did, I need to warn you that this costs $99 PER MONTH for the cheapest version. I was not impressed with Brad for not mentioning this before I got my panties in a twist. If you can afford it, get it! But I’ll have to get some regular viral posts going before I can sign up for this. That’s two times in the first hour and Brad made me angry… not a great start. Then he turns it all around.


I don’t know if it was Brad’s tone of voice or general attitude, but when he started giving ideas for different types of content, I got super excited. I started jotting down ideas and planning future articles. The things that Brad was saying in the Blogging Masterclass weren’t groundbreaking ideas… but they weren’t things that I had necessarily thought of. Plus, his upbeat attitude made me excited to learn more.

Because of Brad, after a day of freelance writing, blogging, working eight hours at my regular 9-5 job, working on my Etsy store and running a 5k, I got out my laptop and kept working! It felt great to feel inspired. He made it seem so simple to turn a single interview into several weeks of content. It made me think back to what I could do with past interviews to make the most of the content.

Summary – Blogging Masterclass

I recommend this class to any blogger, no matter what platform you use. Although a big part of the course was about a specific platform and expensive resources, there was great advice and inspiration that can benefit anyone. I may have been more disappointed if I had paid the full price for the course, but at $15 it was 100% worth it. I have since completed another course and it was more geared towards people who need free resources. This one was longer, less exciting and more technical. I highly recommend doing both the Blogging Masterclass and the SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites.

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Blogging Masterclass, Blogging Masterclass on Udemy for $15, The Travel Bug Bite

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