Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens: Book Review

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens, Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens: Book Review, The Travel Bug Bite

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens was my third book by the author. My first book by Chevy Stevens was Those Girls and I found it too graphic for my tastes. Next I read Still Missing, which was still disturbing but not enough to turn me off. I ended up buying a whole bunch of Chevy Stevens books and chose Never Let You Go to read next. It was different from the other books by Chevy Stevens and I really liked it.

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens

Eleven years ago, Lindsey Nash escaped into the night with her young daughter and left an abusive relationship. Her ex-husband, Andrew, was sent to jail and Lindsey started over with a new life.

Now, Lindsey is older and wiser, with her own business and a teenage daughter who needs her more than ever. When Andrew is finally released from prison, Lindsey believes she has cut all ties and left the past behind her. But she gets the sense that someone is watching her, tracking her every move. Her new boyfriend is threatened. Her home is invaded, and her daughter is shadowed. Lindsey is convinced it’s her ex-husband, even though he claims he’s a different person. But has he really changed? Is the one who wants her dead closer to home than she thought?


What I Loved

This book kept me guessing. I’m not one of those people who spends too much time trying to figure out who did it. I enjoy reading books and will occasionally have an AHA moment where I call it. In this book, it was more like AHA-no… AHA-no… A-WHAT?! I loved that the book not only made me guess but also had me change my mind constantly. I’ve read books where it was quickly obvious who the bad guy was and it kind of made me frustrated when the other characters weren’t getting it. Here, I was just as confused as they were.

What I Didn’t Love

I understand that Lindsey was the main character and deserved the most focus. I guess I feel like there could have been a little more depth to Sophie. The character always seemed younger and more naive than she should have been for someone who had gone through what she did at her age. Perhaps this was completely intentional and it was definitely part of the story line, but if I had one complaint about the book it would definitely be Sophie’s character. That being said, I loved the book and I couldn’t dream of writing something this good, so this is just me being pedantic for the sake of this review.

Summary: Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens (#affiliate) was a great book that had me hooked from the beginning. I liked it a lot more than Those Girls and it was too different from Still Missing to compare. But if I was forced to pick, I would say that it is my favorite book by Chevy Stevens so far. Stay tuned, I have three more books by her on my TBR list and I can’t wait to dive right in!

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Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens, Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens: Book Review, The Travel Bug Bite

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