Forever Wick Candles Review: Which Diamond Did We Get?

Forever Wick Candles, Forever Wick Candles Review: Which Diamond Did We Get?, The Travel Bug Bite

Forever Wick Candles seem like a crazy concept at first glance. You pay $50+ for a candle and hope to get a $12,000 diamond? That’s one way to think about it, but the concept behind Forever Wick Candles is much more romantic.

Imagine your significant other gifting you a candle. You burn it during dates, while spending quality time together and countless special moments…

But then, after hours of happiness, you’re left with an empty glass that usually can’t even be re-purposed. It’s always a little sad to recycle the remains, even if you have a new candle ready to light. That’s where the idea for Forever Wick Candles was born. If you’re a lazy reader, skip to the video of us unboxing and revealing our diamond at the end of the article or here.

Memories Preserved: Forever Wick Candles

They say that “a diamond is forever.” That’s why every Forever Wick Candle contains a diamond. It takes around 70 hours to burn these candles and at the end, you get a diamond. I’m not going to keep you guessing, ours was tiny. But size doesn’t matter. Especially if you collect them and have them set into a ring – which you can do with the company.

So think of it this way. A candle burns for 70 hours. If your dates are short, just a simple dinner or movie or a game night, that’s 90 minutes per date. That’s about 47 dates per candle. I happen to have a diamond-studded infinity ring that’s not from Forever Wick. It happens to have 47 tiny diamonds. If each diamond represented 47 dates, a ring like mine would hold 2,209 dates or almost 200,000 minutes of memories. Now that’s a lot more special than my ring that I bought on Etsy! However, it is also more expensive.

Forever Wick Candles: Price

The price is one thing that drives me crazy when it comes to Forever Wick Candles. Not because it’s high, but because they always claim to have sales even though their candles are never sold for the full price that’s shown crossed out. A lot of companies do this and it’s frustrating because you never know if you’re actually getting a good deal.

Price-wise, if you consider Yankee or Bath & Body Works, these candles are fairly priced at their “discounted” price. They also do seem to last longer than regular candles. I burned my candle every day, all day, for several days, so 70 hours seems like a fair estimate. It also smelled as good as Bath & Body Works candles – my usual go-to.

Forever Wick Candles, Forever Wick Candles Review: Which Diamond Did We Get?, The Travel Bug Bite

$12,000 Diamond

Although the candles are not obnoxiously priced, if you’re buying the candle thinking you’re getting a great deal on a diamond, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. The diamonds are worth very little. My engagement ring contained 10+ similar-sized diamonds and my husband bought it at Walmart for $60. I want to believe that they do have the occasional $12,000 diamond in one of their candles. You’re as likely to get it as you would a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And no, you are not Charlie.

There are supposedly diamonds that vary in size and are in between the tiny one we got and the $12,000 jackpot. My assumption is that if you buy their more expensive products, you are likelier to get a bigger diamond, but that’s not guaranteed. Also, according to gambling statistics, the more you play, the more the math works against you. This doesn’t necessarily work in this situation since every single candle has a diamond guarantee. But it may cost you more than $12,000 in candle shopping to get that $12,000 diamond.

Will I Buy Another Candle?

I’ve been there, I’ve done it. Will I do it again? I think I will. I’m storing my tiny diamond and I like the idea of collecting more to build a memory ring. I wish there was a way to already have a ring to add them to as I go, but that’s not an option. Maybe I’ll buy one for every Valentine’s day and Wedding Anniversary? I’m not sure yet. Because if I’m going to do this to get a special ring, I really want to make sure that the candle burns only at special moments. I already have my next candle picked out.

Forever Wick Candles, Forever Wick Candles Review: Which Diamond Did We Get?, The Travel Bug Bite

Great Names: Forever Wick Candles

I almost forgot to mention that I love the names of all the Forever Wick Candles! They have a WAP candle, which they claim stands for warm apple pie because that’s what adults should tell the younger children. They also have MILF, unicorn poop, Santa’s sweaty sack but they also have more normal names. Like lavender, bamboo zen and citrus. Yes, before you ask, they DO have a pumpkin spice one.

Summary: Forever Wick Candles

I loved my Forever Wick Candle and I regret burning it so fast. Next time, yes, there will be a next time, I won’t be a gold digger. I’ll burn my Gold Digger candle during special occasions with my husband and will save the diamond I get to set in a memory ring that I will eventually have made. Learn more about Forever Wick Candles on their website! And if you have gotten one of their larger diamonds, please let me know in the comment section below.

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Forever Wick Candles, Forever Wick Candles Review: Which Diamond Did We Get?, The Travel Bug Bite

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