Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class Class: Learn Your Land by Adam Haritan

Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class, Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class Class: Learn Your Land by Adam Haritan, The Travel Bug Bite

A Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class can be a great way to learn more about mycology. I have picked wild mushrooms from a young age with the guidance of my parents. Without my dad by my side nodding if I find something edible or shaking his head if I have a poisonous lookalike in my basket, I wanted to hone my skills. I discovered Adam Haritan on YouTube and his channel, Learn Your Land, became an invaluable resource for me and my husband on our forest adventures.

There are many people who make YouTube videos about foraging, but Adam always stood out to me. As a fellow YouTuber, I was super impressed with his delivery. He speaks clearly and doesn’t make any cuts. He isn’t just reading a script, he REALLY knows his stuff. It’s no wonder that over 245,000 people follow his foraging adventures. Just a few months ago, he launched an official Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Udemy because it has so many exciting and reasonably-priced classes for adults. But of course, mycology continues to be this elusive topic. Well Adam Haritan must have noticed this too because his class is everything I’ve been missing. But Adam isn’t the only one selling mushroom content, below are the earrings I make and sell on Oddity Cart Earrings.

Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class, Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class Class: Learn Your Land by Adam Haritan, The Travel Bug Bite

Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class

Unlike my go-to Udemy courses, the Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class is not cheap. It took me a while to justify signing up, but now that I have, I couldn’t be happier. Plus, there is some flexibility when it comes to payment.


This Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class costs around $400 and can be paid in four installments of $105. While it costs more than Udemy courses, $300-600 is pretty typical for various certificate courses for adults. If the price is holding you back like it did me, I highly recommend taking the time to save up for it. You can binge videos on YouTube and Facebook in the meantime. He comes out with a new informative video every week on the topic of foraging, mushrooms or plant identification.

You can’t sign up whenever you want and have to wait for them to accept more students. You can sign up for emails to see when you can join.

Class Content

What makes this class so unique is that there are five parts to it. One is an overall section on what mushrooms are, how to forage safely, etc. Then there’s a section on every season filled with information on mushrooms that can be harvested in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. This means that depending on when you start, you can do them in the order that makes most sense.

Lifetime Access

I wasn’t able to verify this on short notice, but I believe that buying this class gives you lifetime access to the courses. My only complaint is that when you can’t sign up for it, there isn’t that much technical info about the class online. But anyway, if lifetime access is a thing, it makes it even more worth signing up. I can definitely see myself reviewing the seasonal mushrooms every few months. The more practice you have, the better you get at foraging and learning!

Summary: Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class

I have only started the Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class, but I am already loving it. As a seasoned mushroom hunter, I was worried that it would be too basic. It definitely isn’t! I am learning so much with every video. The more I learn, the more I am itching to go to the forest and begin exploring. As Adam Haritan says in his videos, there is an indescribable feeling that you get when you are able to find, identify and prepare mushrooms. It makes you feel so connected to the natural world.

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Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class, Foraging Wild Mushrooms Class Class: Learn Your Land by Adam Haritan, The Travel Bug Bite


  1. I want to join this course because I have watch most if not all of Adam’s videos. BUT $400 is a lot for me to dish out. Here is my question: are the videos unique to the course or are they simply the videos he has available on youtube put in order? I would be pretty upset if I found out I was paying for organization only. I couldn’t justify that.

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