Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli: Warwick, Rhode Island

Antonio's Bakery, Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli: Warwick, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli is a locally-owned bakery and a deli under the same roof! They have been under the same ownership for 31 years and specialize in Italian pastries, bread, calzones, custom cakes, and more! Isaac and I went here during a craving for something sweet and we were not disappointed!

Isaac and I are trying not to indulge on the sweets too much, but Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli has become our new go-to bread shop! Also, Isaac is ditching his Dunkin’ donuts in exchange for their delicious caffeinated concoctions. I’m excited for the pandemic to be over so that we can enjoy a coffee and soup ‘for here’ and people-watch from the window.

Where Is It?

Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli
2448 West Shore Road (heading towards Oakland Beach )
Warwick, RI 02889

Antonio's Bakery, Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli: Warwick, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

About Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli

The Providence Journal wrote a great piece about this amazing spot. But I wanted to mention it on my blog as well! For 32 years, Charlie and Jennifer Disegna have been building up this mom-and-pop business on West Shore Road. As the sign suggests, it opened in 1989 and is as populat today as it was back then.

Antonio’s Bakery

According to the article, the Disegnas were in their 20s and newly-married when they bought Antonio’s Bakery. Charlie, had owned his own coffee truck and had a food background. He had worked at the bakery for a year before purchasing it. During that time he had learned every single part of the business and started his own with just a handful of employees.

Charlie’s Deli

Right next door to Antonio’s Bakery was a small sandwich store. They decided to move their business to Cranston in 1995 so Charlie took over the space. He turned it into Charlie’s Deli! They had originally wanted to add drive-through windows but were unable to do that. Instead they added a deli full of homemade foods to attract hungry customers.

In a way, it was a plus that people had to go inside to order. It is virtually impossible to go in and leave empty handed. Which is one of my worries now that we’ve discovered this (literally) sweet spot! Today they have 22 staff members and Disegnas continue to be an active part of the business. Even their two daughters come by to help out when they can.


I am so glad that I discovered Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli, although my weight-loss plans may suffer. If you live in the area or are driving by, make sure to pop in and check out this amazing business. If you come on a weekend, you may be waiting in line to get in. But don’t worry, that’s a good sign, isn’t it? And trust me, it’s worth the wait!

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Antonio's Bakery, Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli: Warwick, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

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