Tilted Barn Brewery: Rhode Island’s First Farm Brewery

Tilted Barn Brewery, Tilted Barn Brewery: Rhode Island’s First Farm Brewery, The Travel Bug Bite

We’ve wanted to visit the Tilted Barn Brewery for a while now. However, you need to reserve in advance as it is a trendy spot. Finally, we called right after someone had canceled, and we got to visit for 30 minutes! Since we were there for such a short time, our video is just a teaser:

About Tilted Barn Brewery

“Located in our historic barn, we are proud to be Rhode Island’s first farm brewery.  A visit to Tilted Barn Brewery allows you to tour the brewery, walk through the fields to see, touch, and smell the ingredients that go into your beer, and relax in a century-old barn while enjoying the fruits of our labor. Our small batch, hand-crafted ales are best enjoyed fresh and in season so be sure to make the trek early and often for a true farm-to-pint experience.”

Tilted Barn Brewery

The Tilted Barn Brewery only has their taproom open Thursday – Saturday 12-8:30 and Sunday 12-5. Not only are reservations required, but it is super popular, and you have to plan a visit. It is possible to buy their merchandise and canned beer in their pickup window in the back of the brewery without advanced notice. However, it is possible to pre-order this as well.

Our Experience

We happened to be nearby, so we called to see if there was a spot open. It turned out that someone had just canceled, so we were able to snag their spot, even though it was for just 30 minutes! Our slot was inside, so we wore our masks for most of the stay. I got to try two beers: the Sunrise Over Sea and Pasture – Farmhouse, while Isaac tried their Ultra Violet – IPA. All three beers were delicious!

Conclusion: Tilted Barn Brewery

We highly recommend that you visit, but we urge everyone to make a reservation and come for a longer amount of time. The Titled Barn has a lot of seating indoors and outdoors, and we would love to come back to sit outside. The staff was great, and the beer was delicious. We can’t wait to come back for a proper visit!

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Tilted Barn Brewery, Tilted Barn Brewery: Rhode Island’s First Farm Brewery, The Travel Bug Bite

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