National Silly Earring Day Has Been Founded! How Do You Celebrate?

National Silly Earring Day, National Silly Earring Day Has Been Founded! How Do You Celebrate?, The Travel Bug Bite

I am the proud new owner of a brand new holiday: National Silly Earring Day celebrated annually on April 13th! I’ve been thinking about founding a holiday that celebrates unique earrings for quite some time. When I was younger, I thought that all earrings were expensive, made with fine metals, gems, and diamonds.

As an adult, I do enjoy an occasional fancy pair of earrings. However, I mostly wear the same earrings I sell in my store Oddity Cart. I’ve grown to think that life is too short for boring earrings!

The History of National Silly Earring Day

I’ve been wearing earrings since I was six years old! When I was younger, my mom only let me wear her fancy earrings to avoid getting ear infections. Even when I lost her expensive earrings when I was seven, she still insisted. It wasn’t until I was in Middle School that I finally bought some more exciting earrings from stores like Claire’s. I did not care that they turned my ears green, as long as the earrings were cute!

To battle green ears, I discovered a trick early on. I would keep buying earrings of questionable quality, and then I would switch out the hooks at home. Although I used to do this with silver hooks, I have discovered that stainless steel hooks work just as well. I use the same stainless steel hooks in my earring store; I don’t believe that affordable earrings should hurt your ears.

My earring collection grew to unbelievable proportions. I started collecting earrings in every style, shape, animal, food item, etc. Basically, I wanted to have an earring for every occasion. After my earrings got so much attention, I decided to start selling them! My store is a combination of collected pendants, earrings made from scratch, and regular items (like dice and chess pieces) turned into earrings!

What started as a store on Etsy called Everyfelt turned into a monthly earring subscription box: Monthly Earring Mania. Now it’s grown into Oddity Cart, where I hope to sell other cute accessories alongside earrings. At Oddity Cart, we take silly accessories seriously. But earrings will always be my favorite!

How to Celebrate National Silly Earring Day?

National Silly Earring Day is celebrated on April 13th. More than anything, it is an opportunity to celebrate the most versatile accessory! Spend the day wearing your favorite pair of earrings, no matter how silly they are. If you feel creative, find an item in your home, drill a hole, add a hook, and wear it in your ears! Wine corks, chess pieces, buttons, anything can be an earring.

Don’t forget to spread the love for unusual earrings by sharing a photo of your favorite pair with the hashtag #SillyEarringDay. However, no one will stop you from doing this every day of the year if you want to!

National Silly Earring Day Summary

Earrings are the ultimate accessory, and they come in so many shapes in sizes! Silly earrings are a great way to express yourself and put a smile on the faces of everyone you encounter. You can wear googly-eyed hot dogs, colorful power tools, oversized disco balls, and even Girl with a Pearl Earring earrings for the optimum earring-ception. The only limit is your imagination.

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National Silly Earring Day, National Silly Earring Day Has Been Founded! How Do You Celebrate?, The Travel Bug Bite


  1. Received beautiful red wine bottled earrings for Mothers Day (2021) from Princess Daughter with additional pair of bonus earrings. WOW! What a surprise and thank you very much to my boodie. How much fun is that gonna be when we sip Promise Land Kid Sister from Guttenberg, IA. JAK

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