Moniker Brewery in Providence, Rhode Island

Moniker Brewery, Moniker Brewery in Providence, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

Moniker Brewery is located in Providence, Rhode Island, really close to another brewery, Beer on Earth. Isaac and I discovered it thanks to the RI Brewery Passport, an app created by RI Brewers Guild! We chose to visit Moniker out of the 30+ breweries in Rhode Island because they had a German pilsner beer on tap, it didn’t disappoint.

Moniker Brewery, Moniker Brewery in Providence, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

About Moniker Brewery

“Moniker Brewery believes in a simple goal – to create great beer and share it with the local community.

In an industry where the only constant seems to be change, beer styles and fads will come and go, but we here at Moniker aim to build something that is long-lasting.  A vision of urban roots planted around a strong community; friends, new and old, enjoying a quality product, in a relaxed setting. Our hope is that every beer at The Moniker Brewery is not just consumed but truly enjoyed because, at the end of the day, a great beer is only as good as the company with which you share it.”


It is located in the Federal Hill neighborhood, located in the center of Providence. This part of Providence is best known for its Italian American community and abundance of Italian restaurants. It is also the closest Rhode Island has to a city vibe that you would feel in Boston and some of the less busy areas of NYC. The beer garden, that Moniker Brewery opened in 2020, definitely has a great urban feel.

Beer at Moniker

I only tried the pilsner at Moniker, because it is so hard to find a good one in Rhode Island, and Moniker’s is one of the best! However, they have a great selection of IPAs, Porters, Lagers, Cream Ales, and more. You can learn more about their beers on Untappd.

Food at Moniker

Like many smaller breweries, Moniker doesn’t offer any food directly. They allow anyone to bring their own food, or order from one of their neighboring restaurants. They have a super easy system for ordering delivery directly to your table from Bucktown.

Bucktown’s Goal is to enhance the local community and help their team members grow. They opened up as a “Chicken and Fish Joint” offering classic southern-inspired comfort food in a casual and inclusive space. We got our order delivered only about 10 minutes after we made it and it was delicious!

On Thursdays and Fridays you can also order directly from Pizza J/Julians. Known for the brunchy-est brunch that ever brunched a brunch, Julian’s is a neighborhood staple and its sister restaurant makes some mean pies, Speedies and salad options.

Of course, since bringing your own food is allowed, you can either cook up a storm or get takeout from your favorite restaurant. If I had done research ahead of time, I would have considered going to Plant City and brought over a feast!

Summary: Moniker Brewery

Moniker Brewery is amazing and I can’t wait to visit again. Providence is not my favorite place in Rhode Island, but I can see myself making the trip just to have some more of that German pilsner. Plus, their beer garden is great and I’d love to show up with an entire picnic to enjoy with my beer! Don’t forget to download the RI Brewery App to discover new breweries and win prizes!

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Moniker Brewery, Moniker Brewery in Providence, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

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