First Day of Summer 2021: Making Eco-Friendly Resolutions

, First Day of Summer 2021: Making Eco-Friendly Resolutions, The Travel Bug Bite

Today is the first full day of summer in 2021! The good news is that summer is officially in full swing. The bad news is, it is hotter than ever, and temperatures keep rising. It can feel like individuals can’t make a huge difference when it comes to global warming. However, we can all make small changes to help. So this year, on the first day of summer, I will be making the following eco-friendly resolutions.

1. Educate Yourself About the Issues

Speaking from personal experience, it can be easy to jump blindly into action. In my case this usually involves buying eco-friendly products. However, it is important to start by learning about the actual issues, so you know how to make a difference. Start by watching YouTube videos, reading reliable articles, and talking to local environmental groups.

Knowledge is power, and learning about how our actions affect the planet is the only way to make better choices in the future. It’s impossible to fix a problem if you don’t fully understand it. I highly recommend this BBC article about the negative impact of fridges and AC.

2. Get Involved Locally and/or Virtually

No matter where in the world you live, there is likely a local group or organization that is actively doing something for the planet. It might be a group of people cleaning up the beach, spreading awareness, or writing letters to government officials. If one doesn’t exist, start one! There are also groups on Facebook, online forums, and other websites or apps where you can connect with like-minded people, for example, Journey to Zero-Waste.

I highly recommend finding something that you are are particularly passionate about to get involved in. It is great to join different groups, but finding something that means a lot to you will give you the extra push to do more! Finding your niche can make your journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle more meaningful and effective. Also, check out this article on the 23 ways to make your neighborhood greener!

3. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Your money, no matter how little you may have, can go a long way. Of course, donating to organizations that are making a difference is great. But the things you spend your money on in your everyday life matters even more. Do your research about companies and what they are doing on an environmental level so that you can make better choices.

This doesn’t have to just be about shopping. Look into using banks that don’t invest in fossil fuels, switch to a more eco-friendly browser such as Ecosia, and switch to service providers that don’t contribute to climate change. If you do have extra funds, consider donating as well. Although donating your time can be just as valuable as donating money.

4. Keep Doing Your Best

We are only human, and it isn’t always possible to make amazing choices for the environment. Don’t get discouraged if you make a mistake; just keep trying to do your best. Shrinking your carbon footprint doesn’t happen overnight, and it is much better for the environment if everyone is making small changes rather than one person making huge ones. An all-or-nothing mindset towards climate change causes more harm than anything.

Here are some great ways to start:


The first day of summer is a great time to make some eco-friendly resolutions. Do some research on the issues, find local groups that you can join, figure out what you are passionate about, start there, and see what changes you can make in terms of shopping and services to make sure your money will make a positive difference. Finally, just keep doing your best and taking it one day at a time!

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, First Day of Summer 2021: Making Eco-Friendly Resolutions, The Travel Bug Bite

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