10 Reasons to Visit Dubai

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

Dubai is one of the world’s most visited cities, thanks to its eclectic vibe with unmatched offerings. Rightly so, Dubai has the unique capability to satiate every interest, no matter you are here for its avant-garde modernity, fascinating culture, modest past, or multicultural ambience. In fact, there are manifold reasons to visit Dubai and here we have compiled top 10 of them which make this city a favorite of all.

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1. It Is The City Of Superlatives

Don’t take this sobriquet lightly; Dubai is handsdown worthy of this well-deserved reputation with its mix of ambitious projects, breathtaking glitz and mostly its sheer determination to make impossible effortlessly possible. After all, it is home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the world’s tallest residential building (Princess Tower), the world’s largest hotel, the world’s largest fountain show (Palm Fountain), and the one-of-its-kind palm-tree shaped island (Palm Jumeirah) to name a few. Not to mention, Dubai is a city of irresistible, record-breaking attractions. And the best thing is that it caters to little ones and grownups alike.

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

2. Excellent Shopping

Take any travel or holiday – it is incomplete without a shopping session. But trust us; shopping in Dubai is unlike anywhere else. With over 70 malls and a variety of traditional Arabian bazaars, Dubai’s retail scene appeals to all including those who are not only cynical about shopping but also those with a stringent budget plan. Between the designer boutiques inside the malls and the vibrant shops across the souks, every neighborhood in Dubai has some cool choices for quick shopping. Moreover, come here in January – February; shoppers are in for a treat with the exclusive events such as Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF.)

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

3. There Is Culture And History Too

Yes, Dubai’s art and historical scene is quite unparalleled. For a glance into the age-old Emirati culture and traditions, take a tour of the region’s well-preserved old quarters such as the 19th century Al Bastakiya Quarter (also known as Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.) You can also walk into its many inspiring museums and cultural attractions such as Dubai Museum (inside the city’s oldest fort), Camel Museum, Coin Museum, and Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCUU.) Another distinct way to step back in time is to go on a dhow cruise; it allows you to sail aboard a traditional vessel which was once used for pearl farming in the pre-oil era while admiring the city skyline views and enjoying buffet dining.

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

4. Out Of The World Gastronomic Scene

Dubai is second home to people from over 200 countries and this reflects its vibrant culinary scene. It, therefore, goes without saying that the city is a haven for foodies. In other words, you don’t have to travel any far to try your favorite food once in Dubai. From Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean to American, Mexican and traditional English delicacies, you will get to savor all and that too in its bonafide version. What is more endearing is that you will find food for every preference and pocket as well. Whether you are looking for a Michelin-starred upscale dining venue or a street food stall, Dubai has it all.

5. Magnificent Desert

Dubai may be most popular for its uber stylish neighborhoods and attractions, but its pristinely tranquil desert landscape that is away from its city centre is equally breathtaking. So be sure to take in this unequaled natural beauty up close on a desert safari. The adrenaline pumping 4X4 dune bash is one of the main highlights of most desert trips. Add to this other desert exclusive activities such as camel ride, sand boarding, quad biking etc. Dependent on your desert safari package, you also get to admire sunrise / sunset views, relish BBQ dining, watch traditional entertainment (like Belly Dance and Tanura), and be part of experiences including henna tattooing, Shisha smoking, falconry etc.

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

6. Fantastic Green Parks

There is no denying the fact that Dubai’s cityscape is incredibly glamorous. But that doesn’t mean that it skimps on greenery and serenity. Head off to the city’s classic parks where the sprawling green spaces have something for both individuals and families. This ranges from the activity-packed Dubai Creek Park and Mushrif Park to Jumeirah Beach Park, Safa Park and Al Barsha Park.

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

7. It Is An Adventure Playground

It is our promise that adventurists and fun-seekers would never run out of things to do in Dubai. After all, adventure takes all forms in Dubai. It doesn’t matter you are inclined to indoor or outdoor activities – there are endless choices in almost all categories, from the most innovative theme parks including the largest of its kind IMG Worlds of Adventure and the most exciting escape game rooms to the refreshing adventure nature parks (like Aventura Nature Park).

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

You can also make the most of the widest spectrum of water parks in Dubai. Apart from these, the place offers a roster of options for water sport lovers, such as jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking etc. Fancy a unique aerial adventure? You can sign up for XLine Dubai which is the world’s longest and fastest urban zipline or make it wildly insane with a session of sky diving over Palm Jumeirah.

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite

8. Accommodation For Every Budget

Given its glitzy character, Dubai is usually touted as an expensive city. While this is partly true, it heartily welcomes people from all walks of life with accommodation choices for every budget. There is the most luxurious four-star / five-star hotels as well as the world’s only seven-star hotel on one side, and mid-range hotels plus extremely affordable hotels with decent amenities on other side. Moreover, with right planning and advanced online booking, you will get to bag an opulent Dubai stay for less.

9. Unrivaled Multicultural Environment 

Dubai is primarily an Islamic destination. But with expats and visitors from all parts of the world, it is a center of multiculturalism where diverse traditions and religious beliefs harmoniously exist. Arabic is the official language, but unsurprisingly you will get to hear residents and visitors talking several other languages, mainly English, Hindi, Urdu, Philippines, and French.

10. It Is The Land Of Unbelievable Experiences

It is known to all that Dubai is a desert city but that hasn’t stopped it from surprising the world with the most extraordinary attractions and experiences. Did you know that Dubai is a year-round snow destination? Make a trip to Ski Dubai (at Mall of Emirates) and Dubai Ice Rink (at Dubai Mall) to enjoy it for yourself. There are ample green spaces in Dubai, but you may not possibly imagine a spot here filled to brim with millions of flowers. Dubai has made this happen too; just visit Dubai Miracle Garden – it is so splendid and vast that it is the world’s natural flower garden. More stunning sights await you in this category, such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with over 30,000 marine animals and Green Planet Dubai that is certain to blow you away with its rainforest-like settings.

, 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai, The Travel Bug Bite


When asked why visit Dubai? Everyone has his or her own reasons to add this wonderful city to the travel bucketlist. Whatever reason draws you to Dubai, one thing is sure that this place won’t let your expectations down, with the best of options (in every category) at your disposal. So come shed all your apprehensions about Dubai and get ready for one of the most memorable Arabian holidays.

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