EXPOSED: Bee Network Cryptocurrency is Chinese, Now What?

, EXPOSED: Bee Network Cryptocurrency is Chinese, Now What?, The Travel Bug Bite

Is the Bee Network cryptocurrency app Chinese? Yes. Lately, I have also seen messages pop up in Chinese that led me to do some more research. You may have read my other article about the Bee Network Crypto app. With so many cryptocurrency apps popping up, it can be tough to distinguish legit ones from scams. Personally, I haven’t been worried about using Bee Network to mine, but I have had many issues with the app working on my iPhone.

In my other article about the Bee Network, I discuss that any startup crypto apps can be legit without ever giving you money. Not every new cryptocurrency will succeed, and it is hard to determine which ones will. Many use ads to make extra income to earn money even if they don’t succeed as a cryptocurrency, and some of them may not even be trying to do more than make money off of ads. But I am here to talk about the Bee Network being a Chinese company and what that means for people mining and using the app.

Bee Network seems suspicious and raises red flags because it is anonymous, is essentially a clone of the more legit-looking Pi Network, and because it is associated with China. Let me talk about anonymity first and point out that Bitcoin also has a sketchy origin, and even now, the founder is referred to as the supposed creator. Anonymity doesn’t mean that it isn’t legit but understandably raises concern. 

People have always talked about the Bee Network being Chinese because, from the beginning, the two languages that it was supported in were English and Chinese. Now that I’ve seen the following popup, I am confident that the app was created in China. As you can see, I used the new iOS 15 feature of live text selection to translate the message. It says, “Network exception,” which I assume is a type of error message?

, EXPOSED: Bee Network Cryptocurrency is Chinese, Now What?, The Travel Bug Bite
, EXPOSED: Bee Network Cryptocurrency is Chinese, Now What?, The Travel Bug Bite
, EXPOSED: Bee Network Cryptocurrency is Chinese, Now What?, The Travel Bug Bite

Does it concern me that the Bee Network is Chinese? No. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative opinions and stereotypes out there about China and Chinese people. Of course, a nation of over a billion people may have malicious hackers, but not everything Chinese is dangerous, bad quality, or counterfeit. Far from it.

As someone who has lived in China, I have a lot of respect for the people and culture. From my personal experience, Chinese people are crazy studious and hardworking, and I fully believe that they have the resources to create a successful cryptocurrency. In fact, Jack Ma is a bit of a role model for me; you should read up on him if you haven’t already. I will continue mining using the Bee Network even though there is no guarantee that it will succeed or that it is safe. 

Please do your own research to determine if you want to start or continue mining with this mysterious app. As an iPhone user, I feel like I have an extra layer of protection due to Apple’s strict app-vetting process, and I choose to believe that as long as the app is available for iPhone, it is generally safe to use. That being said, if it suddenly asked me for personal information, I would uninstall it immediately. This is just my opinion; I’m by no means an expert in any of this, which is why I urge you to come to your own conclusion. Or, save money and buy these inexpensive handmade crypto earrings instead!

If you want to mine using the Bee Network or another cryptocurrency, check out these articles and feel free to use my codes to join. Just an FYI: you need a referral code to join most of these networks. When you use someone’s code, they get a better mining rate. Make sure to chose someone who is always active, like I am, as this will improve your mining rate:

Bee Network reference code: olenaroosa

Pi Network reference code: olenakagui

Midoin Network reference code: olenakahujova3102

TimeStope witness code: olenakagui
For iPhone users who want to use TimeStope, read this on how to get the app using an emulator

Feel free to comment with your own reference codes in the comment section below. And if you know of any other cryptocurrency networks, please let me know. I’d love to join using your code and write about them in future blog posts!

, EXPOSED: Bee Network Cryptocurrency is Chinese, Now What?, The Travel Bug Bite

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