Reykjavik View from Hallgrímskirkja Church

Reykjavik is a quiet little city and the Hallgrímskirkja Church is the main landmark and a popular tourist attraction. Check out our video about the church and the view from the observatory.


Waiting for the Icelandic Geyser to Erupt

They second most famous geyser in Iceland erupts every 10-15 minutes!

This geyser, situated right next to Geysir – the oldest geyser that all others are named after – erupts every 10-15 minutes. While we were there it erupted four times. Two were 15 minutes apart and the other three erupted within 10 minutes! It was freezing but we kept ourselves entertained.

Dog Videos Coming to The Travel Bug Bite

Smiley the rescue Avocadog is famous on the Dodo already but he’s hungry for more!

There will be doggo videos coming to my channel featuring Smiley the Avocadog! Subscribe for more cuteness: