Discovering Kyiv, Ukriane feat. Music by The Vinogrooves

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Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and it’s a great place to go on holiday if you wish to relax, have an adventure or learn some exciting history. While Kiev is the better known spelling of the city, Kyiv is considered more Ukrainian because it is pronounced with an “i” in Ukrainian as opposed to with an “e” in Russian. Filmed with my GoPro Hero+!

I do not own any rights to the music but I have permission to use Kento’s Revenge by the Vinogrooves:

The Vinogrooves are a Prague-based multinational rock/ blues/ soul project. They play regularly around the Czech Republic, and recently finished a successful UK tour. They write all their own material, and take influence from artists ranging from Led Zeppelin and Queen, to Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to speed with their latest shows and projects.


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