Tonsai Sucks During Monsoon Season, Thailand 2018

While it’s the perfect getaway during high (and dry) season, it’s really not enjoyable during the low (monsoon) season. Unless you enjoy being one of 10 tourists on a hard to get to spot with only two available restaurants that mainly serve fried food…


Ao Nammao Pier to Railay: Monsoon Season 2018

The second time we visited Thailand was the middle of July, which is right when monsoon season is wreaking havoc on the island and keeping all those selfie-taking tourists away – but clearly not all of them.

Tonsai Bay in Summer and in Winter – When to Visit Thailand?

My wife Olena and I may be two of the only people on Earth who have ever visited Tonsai Bay in Krabi, Thailand in both Winter and Summer. The first trip was a magical ten days full of perfect weather, daily excursions, and lots of swimming and lounging in the sun. Though it probably shouldn’t have, the atmosphere of our second venture to Tonsai really caught us off guard…