Ao Nammao Pier to Railay: Monsoon Season 2018

, Ao Nammao Pier to Railay: Monsoon Season 2018, The Travel Bug Bite

The first time we visited Thailand was during the dry winter months when it’s hot, overpopulated with tourists and low tied can ruin boat rides, kayaking and other water adventures. The second time we came in the middle of July, which is right when monsoon season is wreaking havoc on the island and keeping all those selfie-taking tourists away – but clearly not all of them.

A week before we arrived the famous case of football camp boys who were stuck in a flooded cave and a ferry had sunk, drowning many on board. We didn’t know about this when we booked and it was quite scary to be there. We got lucky and the weather ended up clearing up, but all ferry and boat rides were rough, scary and puke-inducing.

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