Smiley the Beach Dog: Rockaway Beach NYC (YouTube)

Rockaway Beach is a great place to take your family, including your fur babies! You can only bring dogs here during the off season but it’s so worth it! Check out this happy boy on the beach for the very first time. Advertisements


Happy Halloween: Smiley’s Dog Costumes!

Our first event came up unexpectedly, the Bridge and Tunnel Brewery was just a five minute walk from our apartment but we had no costume! I quickly cut out an avocado out of Dollar Tree cardboard paper and it was a success! Smiley won some toys and we got a growler for our fun last-minute costume. 

We’re Fostering a Dog Saved from the Kill Shelter!

Smiley was pulled from the NYACC by Pound Hounds Res-Q. We are considering adopting him ourselves because he’s such a good boy. The Dodo wrote about him a week ago with the hopes that his story will inspire others to adopt, foster and rescue dogs in need!