Flag Parade for Ukraine – War in Ukraine

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“We support a united Ukraine, a complete Ukraine, including Crimea.”

Tomorrow I will participate in a Flag Parade. This will be the 5th parade created by the international community living in Kiev and the goal of it is to “show support for ‘new’ Ukraine”. They wish to “draw media attention to disprove any lies regarding the make-up of the new legitimate government.”

The Flag Parade shows support for “a united Ukraine, a complete Ukraine, including Crimea.”

Last Sunday there were over 300 people and a total of 42 countries were represented. This time they are hoping to get more! 250 people have already confirmed their attendance on Facebook and there are many maybes.

I will be there too, waving a Czech flag and hopefully interviewing the expat community in Ukraine. If you are in Ukraine, you should join. It starts in Shevchenko Park at 11:30am, Sunday March 16th.



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