Maidan Graffiti – War in Ukraine

, Maidan Graffiti – War in Ukraine, The Travel Bug Bite

Right now there are two places in Kiev where you can see what remains of Maidan. It is mostly left for tourists to get a feel of what happened and as a memorial to those who died. Yesterday I saw the smaller one.

It was painful looking at how many flowers and candles people had brought – you can feel the sorrow and imagine them holding back tears or breaking down and bawling as they bring those flowers. Not everyone necessarily knew the protesters who died personally. Some people saw them die, or remember their face from attending a protest, some just cry at the unfairness of these people dying for a better future that they won’t get a chance to see.

Everyone expresses grief differently, and what pulled at my heart strings the most wasn’t the amount of flowers, or even the poem that I found among the candles. Right at the end of the official memorial wall, I saw 3 words graffitied on the wall that made me stop and stare at them for the longest time. They translate to “Mom I will return.”

, Maidan Graffiti – War in Ukraine, The Travel Bug Bite

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