Bali Tourist Traps – Fake “Traditional” Villages

Bali was one of the coolest places I have ever visited! It was a tropical paradise, everything was affordable and the food was delicious. One of my only disappointments on the trip was the time wasted at tourist traps that were pretending to be traditional villages. These so-called villages are mentioned in all the tour…


Bezzikapa Illustrations by Kate

I think I always wanted to be an artist. I even went to art school, but for a long time I wasn’t considering it as a serious carrier, somehow. Couple of years ago, I realized that I’m not happy with what I’m doing…

News! I opened an Etsy Store, Everyfelt

I have always been a jack of all trades and unfortunately, master of none. It used to embarrass me that I try to pursue so many different things at the same time without being great at any of them, but it’s time to embrace it! When I’m not obsessively filming my travels or writing, I’m crafting! 

10 Most Bizarrely Awesome Food-Themed Earrings

Food and fashion have always been in the spotlight of our society, playing an important role in our self-expression and identity. It is no wonder that food-themed fashion has made its way into our lives and onto many Pintrest boards. In the past, a pizza-print t-shirt may have been intended as a gag gift but…

‘This Place’ Exhibition in Prague in DOX

“I can’t call it Israel,” says photographer Gilles Peress while referring to flying to the location, “I call it Israelstein. It’s a combination of the two.” Peress’s photos are very clear; they show the different perspectives of one community. He remarked that in Israel and Palestine everything happens meter by meter, room to room. “You see stores disappearing one by one, I return to the same place again and again,” Peress explains his process of watching the changes. His pieces in this exhibition try to explore the reason why people don’t see the similarities between each other – “Desperate lives,” he sighs, “looking for differences.”

Maidan Graffiti – War in Ukraine

Right now there are two places in Kiev where you can see what remains of Maidan. It is mostly left for tourists to get a feel of what happened and as a memorial to those who died. Yesterday I saw the smaller one. It was painful looking at how many flowers and candles people had…

Adolf Wölfli’s Controversial Crazy Art

Adolf Wölfli (1864 – 1930) a self-proclaimed Swiss artist, composer, writer, farm-laborer, soldier and much more was orphaned at the age of 10 after being both physically and sexually abused. He was sentenced after attempting to commit a pedophilic act and was eventually hospitalized in the Waldau Mental Asylum near Bern, Germany, where he spent nearly half his life. The Asylum was also the place where he developed his passion for creating art.