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Bezzikapa illustrations are designed by Kate, who lives in Prague. You can find her artist store here. You can find more of her links, including Instagram at the end of this post. 

How did you start doing this?

I think I always wanted to be an artist. I even went to art school, but for a long time I wasn’t considering it as a serious carrier, somehow. Couple of years ago, I realized that I’m not happy with what I’m doing (it was marketing) and that I have time to work on what I would really enjoy.

I started with participating in different illustration contests, and I’m slowly working on my artist shops. For now, I’m choosing the platforms that will print and deliver products with my designs themselves, so that I have more time to create. I believe, I’m still in the beginning of my long path!

This is the first Illustration I made (during the past few years) that I’m proud of 🙂

Bezz 1

What is the process of creating the design? Which part is your favorite?

I have a video 🙂

The first step, is the most difficult – the blank slate. I’m more a rational person, than creative, thinking of ideas can be a painful process for me. Sometimes when I have a good idea, I’m terrified that it can already exist, that it was on a surface, not clever or interesting enough.

It can take me a day or two to come up with something. I hope it will get easier in time.

There’s also a research part – that’s mostly googling. Styles, technics, references, poses, features, – anything that can help with the idea, and creation process.

And then, well, I just draw. I mostly use the Procreate application on iPad. And then make finishing touches in Photoshop.

Bezz 2

Drawing “fluffy” characters can take me 5-12 hours:


Something simpler takes less time, of course:

Llame nc NB 2800x2800 200ppiunnamed-3unnamed-4

Do you hope to do anything different/new in the future?

I want to design cool book covers, magazine covers and create book illustrations!

What has been your favorite design so far?

Recently I started working on dogs breeds illustrations. I love this one:

French Bulldog

What are your other hobbies?

I mostly collect stuff: beer caps, beer coasters, coins, books and stuffed toys. I like linguistics, documentaries and reading!


You have a cat, does the cat help you or distract you from work?

She do both. She is my little helper, but also sometimes she sits on me, so I can’t work!

unnamed-5Varezka pencil sketch

You can see more of Kate’s work here:

You can follow her on Instagram:


You can even find buy her designs on Society6:



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