Brotherhood – War in Ukraine

, Brotherhood – War in Ukraine, The Travel Bug Bite

Brotherhood was a word that I heard a lot yesterday at Maidan. Everyone there came on their own free will explains Olga Azzyz, a volunteer at a hospital, “we meet and we are like family.”

During my first 10 minutes in the square, I heard a woman speaking in Ukrainian on stage and she ended her speech with “Glory to Ukraine, Allah Akbar.” Despite Ukraine being predominantly Orthodox Christian everyone applauded and cheered as she finished.

But Maidan didn’t just unite Ukrainians, it also united Ukraine with other nations. Particularly Poland and Syria. The Polish had always been close to Ukraine, but they really proved their loyalty during the protests. “The Polish really helped,” said Azzuz, showing me a Polish Church that was willing to risk helping injured protesters who were hiding from Berkut, “they were real brothers.”

Ukraine and Syria had improved their relations in 2012. What Putin is trying to do in Ukraine today is something he already did in Syria. One of the performances on the stage in Maidan was about this Ukrainian-Syrian relationship, and the audience was filled with Ukrainian and Syrian flags.

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