Draft Beers & Ciders at BiaCraft Artisan Ales in Ho Chi Minh

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On our booze-full first day in Vietnam we visited several bars in Ho Chi Minh. The one with the greatest selection of draft drinks was definitely BiaCraft! The perfectly air-conditioned space had simple decorations and a mouth-watering menu.

Picking a drink was absolutely excruciating. Did I want the beer with a dank hop aroma, strong in citrus with tropical grapefruit & passion fruit? Or maybe the cider with a modern spin on classic cider with pure, apple-y goodness? These are just two choices out of… several dozen maybe? It was awful.

We ended up each getting two or three different drinks each and we took sips to taste as much as possible. Every sip I took was even better than the last. Isn’t it just horrible when you can’t even decide which drink you like the most?! The prices are steep by Vietnamese standards but cheap compared to drink in the Western Europe or the USA.

So, to summarize, the drinks were all too good, with way too many choices at too much of a reasonable price. It’s like they were trying to get us to stay there all day and get drunk. How despicable.

I’m totally kidding of course. The place was amazing, the drinks were amazing and the staff was great. We asked if we could keep a few coasters and they brought us a bunch of brand new ones to take home free-of-charge. We’ll definitely come here again next time we’re in Vietnam. I can’t say I’m looking forward to scrutinizing over all the choices, but it was worth it. Plus, whatever you get, it’ll taste absolutely perfect.


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