Czech Beer & Food in Vietnam: Hao Vien Brauhaus

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Vietnam and the Czech Republic don’t seem to have anything in common, right? Wrong. Although one is in Asia and the other is in Europe, plus the fact that language, food, culture and everything else is night and day. They actually have some common history. Plus, the largest minority living in the Czech Republic after Slovaks and Ukrainians , it’s Vietnamese!

I’m not a history buff, but I can summarize the basics for you. During the dark years of Communism in the Czech Republic, many Vietnamese were brought in as guest workers. Just like the Turks in Germany, they never left and started families all over the country. One of these Vietnamese people who spent a lot of time in the Czech Republic returned to Vietnam and decided to bring a bit of home with him.

Hao Vien Brauhaus was an instant hit and there are now four in Vietnam. They are decorated in Czech newspapers, street signs, typical Czech art and most importantly, lots of Pilsner Urquel paraphernalia. The menu has lots of Vietnamese food in addition to most of the Czech classics that cost no more than the same dishes in Prague!

I skipped the goulash and knedliky (dumplings) and went straight for my all time favorite: fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce! Obviously, I also ordered one beer. At least the first time around in Ho Chi Minh. We went back to a sister location in Hanoi and ordered more fried cheese, several beers and even shots of Becherovka.

Czechs are known for having the best beer in the world, so I would definitely recommend that you visit Hao Vien Brauhaus while you’re in Vietnam. You can find one in Ho Chi Minh, another in Mui Ne and two in Hanoi!

If you’re a fan of all things high-tech, there is another perk to these restaurants: Japanese toilets. In case you have no idea what I’m taking about, read my blog post about the beauty of Japanese toilets. Just to summarize, they have heated seats, dozens of buttons with various functions (including several bidet options) and music for shy pee-ers. If you live in China, like we do, you’re probably crying with envy right now.

Find out more about Hao Vien Brauhaus on their official website!


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