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Don’t Ride Ostriches at the Fairy Stream – Mui Ne, Vietnam

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The Fairy Stream is an incredibly unique place where a shallow river flows through sandy mountains, trailing red and yellow sand through the water. When you visit most rivers, you walk alongside their banks. At the Fairy Stream, you walk through the water and the warm mud feels amazing on your feet. Free foot spa? Hell yes!

Speaking of free, we read about a lot of people getting scammed into paying to enter the fairy stream. Don’t. It’s a free attraction without any particular entrance, so if anyone tries to get money out of you, tell them no. If you want to spend some money, there are plenty of stores alongside the river that sell snacks and souvenirs.

Soon after entering the stream, you’ll see advertisements for ostrich riding. We walked by the ostrich farm and took a peak at the poor birds. Although the signs only showed children riding them, I’m sure they’d let adults do it for the right price. Needless to say, please don’t ride the ostriches. They are already mistreated enough by being kept in tiny cages and grass-less fenced off areas. They don’t need people sitting on them and injuring them any further…

Sadly, these ostriches are not the only unhappy animals in the area. We passed a tiny resort style place offering food, massages and a free zoo. The zoo had animals in tiny cages without anything for them to eat or play with. The monkeys looked deprived and aggressive and the rest of the animals weren’t much better off.

The only thriving animals we saw here was a family of cows grazing on the riverside grass and peeing in the river. All urine is sterile, right? Sure, they looked a little thing, but the cows were roaming freely and enjoying nature. They were used to people so they let you get close and photograph them as long as you didn’t get too close, especially to the baby cow.

We also found a cute water snail and a saw a duck family swimming by. We took lots of photos and I got stink eye from the mother duck when I tried to film her babies up close. Oops.

We went on a very hot afternoon and it wasn’t too busy. We only had an hour to explore so we didn’t walk through the entire stream, that would probably have taken us two hours. We climbed the sandy hills, we rubbed mud all over us and we enjoyed the beautiful views. The entire area is red, yellow and orange, making it look more like Mars than Vietnam.

Watch our YouTube video to see the stream for yourself!

, Don’t Ride Ostriches at the Fairy Stream – Mui Ne, Vietnam, The Travel Bug Bite, The Travel Bug Bite

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