Mui Ne Fishing Market: a Fascinating Smelly Seafood Cemetery

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Our second stop on the $5 Mui Ne Tour took us to a atrociously smelling but fascinating fishing market. Also known as the fishing village, many TripAdvisor reviews gave it low ratings due to it smelling bad and being covered with dead fish. Isn’t that what you’d expect to see (and smell) at a fish market?

Yes, it smelled horrible which was the reason we didn’t stay long. We didn’t even stay long enough to buy some fresh seafood although no one else on the tour seemed interested. I guess bleached, processed and wrapped in plastic fish is more appealing than fresh naturally smelling fish.

We had to step over dead crabs to take photos of the fishing boats, but despite the grossness, it was quite beautiful. These fishermen use large circular tubs as floating fish catching vessels. Some are tied to boats but others had their own oars. Some had separators and logs to sit on, which is pretty genius.

Basically, you fill these tubs with water once you are in the ocean and you place the caught fish inside to swim around your legs until you dock. You can leave your fish in the tub until you’re ready to move them into a selling tub.

If we had been alone, we probably would have spent more time there and done a little shopping. After five minutes you start to get used to the putrid smell anyway. But everyone was itching to leave so after just 10 minutes, we were off to the white sand dunes where we would ride an ATV for the first time!



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