Da Lat Backpackers Hostel Review

We had very high expectations for this hostel because of all the raving reviews and we were not disappointed! My husband and I booked this hostel last minute after having problems with a different hostel. The staff were helpful and welcoming even before we arrived!


Although we had originally planned on only spending two full days in Da Lat, after arriving and seeing all the cheap and exciting activities that we discovered through the hostels trip book, we decided to stay an extra night. We arrived right before dinner so we ate delicious free dinner (typical Vietnamese food, all home made) and the host even offered us homemade alcohol and took shots with us in a traditional Vietnamese way before we started the meal.

Our first night there we booked two trips, a countryside tour (250,000 Dong each) and canyoning ($45 each) while the staff recommended what company to go with and advised us on what day is better for which depending on the weather forecast. Needless to say, both trips were amazing since the hostel goes out of their way to choose good tour companies. They also didn’t push more expensive tours on us. They explained that the countryside tour, which we expected to pay almost 700,000 Dong each is possible to do with a group for cheaper and recommended a cheaper canyoning trip with a company that takes more photos.

The free breakfast was as good as dinner with several choices of baguettes with different kinds of omelette. You also get a coffee, tea or juice with your breakfast. Having two free meals a day really saved us a lot of money, especially since this hostel wasn’t more expensive than any of the others we looked at – and we stayed in a private room.


The hostel is in a great location only a 15 minute walk to the huge lake. We took a taxi from the bus stop which only cost 70,000 Dong but we walked everywhere else because the Da Lat is small and the backstreets are fascinating. The hostel is also only about a kilometer from the famous Crazy House which is a must see.

In addition to great staff, delicious free food, great tour offers and comfortable soft beds (most hostels in Vietnam have rock-hard beds), the hostel is extremely clean and welcoming. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Da Lat to book here! I honestly couldn’t recommend it more.

Oh, and they have very cheap and quick laundry service and return everything ironed and folded! Here’s a video of the canyoning tour that they suggested:



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