Crazy House, Da Lat, Vietnam 2017

, Crazy House, Da Lat, Vietnam 2017, The Travel Bug Bite

The name of this place, the Crazy House, is no exaggeration. We got lost soon after entering since there are dozens of rooms on various floors with several ways to travel between them. You will find bizarre animal statues and beautiful views of the city – this might be one of the highest points in the city.

Formally known as the Hang Nga Villa, the Crazy House was built in 1990 in a unique and intentionally bizarre style. Designed by Dang Viet Nga, this eccentric architect wanted the house to help people reconnect with nature. Other than attracting visitors during the day, the Crazy House is also a functioning hotel!

During my visit in July 2017 there are still areas of it that are being built and refined. This actually only adds to the craziness so I had zero complaints. Another thing that makes it so exciting to visit, is that a place like this wouldn’t even be legal in some countries because of safety issues. My clumsy husband may have hit his head at least twice in some low areas and I kept worrying about slipping on the high “bridges” with low rails. But that’s all part of the awesomeness – the designer is clearly a genius.

In addition to all the great views of the city, this place is also great for relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee or fresh juice. The cafe at the bottom has great prices and some unique drinks like coffee enhanced with fresh banana, which was surprisingly delicious. Just be careful sitting by the pond for too long, I was eaten alive by mosquitoes that I always seem to attract.

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