Avocado Smoothies in Da Lat, Vietnam

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I first heard about avocado smoothies on a half-day Countryside Tour of Da Lat. Vietnam is famous for their avocados and July just happens to be prime season! We were told that you can get them anywhere in the market, but it took us over an hour of searching, walking in circles and asking confused vendors where to find them.

Although I’m sure it can be veganized on request, I had this smoothie before I made the decision to go vegan. It was a delicious mix of fresh avocados, condensed milk, a scoop of durian ice cream topped with fluffy whipped cream that I could have gone without because it was already so rich that I couldn’t finish!

The hidden spot where we found this delicacy was hidden behind some vendors right next to the large monument in the middle of a roundabout. For better directions and visuals, watch the video below:


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