“That’s the real trouble with the world: Too many people grow up,” Walt Disney (Guest Post)

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OMG OMG OMG finally, the moment arrived that we are flying to Walt Disneyland Paris!!! We are SO EXCITED! Worse than children 😉 on the 28th we got up around 5.30am, got ready and drove to the train station in Mistelbach an der Zaya. Everything worked out just fine, got there in time, got our train tickets, the train was on time (just a few minute delay) and we arrived at the airport approx. 1 ½ hours before our flight. We even had a bit time to have breakfast, then boarding started. Maria and I were seated separately, but that didn’t matter. After arriving, we quickly found the right bus which would bring us to our hotel close to Walt Disneyland.

By Sheida Nasseri (Guest Blogger)

Please find the original post, including all the photos, here: http://butterflies-needtofly.blogspot.co.at/2016_12_01_archive.html

The weather seemed very promising. We arrived at our hotel, Vienna Dream Castle Hotel, which was not maybe one of the best I have been, but it seemed very huge from the outside and the entrance room is very impressive.

We had a very late lunch at the hotel bar. OMG I have to admit; this burger was so absolutely delicious! I have just eaten once in my life a burger which was better than this one, and that was in Budapest. So, well done 😉 rest of the day, we were so full and tired that we just lay in bed and watched TV and were absolutely lazy.

On the next morning, we had a quite early breakfast and got ready to take the bus to Disneyland. It is really nice, that there are free shuttles which are bringing you directly to the park. We decided we will go first to the Walt Disney Studios, because it is a little bit smaller, so we could do it in the morning and later on we go to the park. We were running around like little kids and taking pictures of everything. When you arrive, you first don’t know where to look at, there is so much to see. We got us a map and decided we will only do the adrenaline stuff and maybe some shopping 😉 so for a wake-up ride, we thought we go to the Hollywood Tower Hotel or also known as Tower of Terror. To be honest with you, we had no idea, what exactly would be in a Tower of Terror.

Well, as it said, it is a tower, they wrapped up a nice story about a hotel where a family went into the elevator and then somehow they got into the twilight zone and they dare you to enter the elevator, where you can sit down and then it will rise up and fall down, over and over again, and in between you even have a panorama view over Walt Disney Studios

When we came out … how can I describe that feeling? I think only people who love that adrenaline kick really know this feeling. You kind of feel boosted,  super high and super super happy 😀 and the best or worst part of it? You want more! So, we directly went to the second adrenaline attraction, the Rock’n Roller Coaster Aerosmith! I LOVED IT! Rollercoaster in the dark, with Aerosmith rock music and some light effects! AWESOME!

Unfortunately, when I got out, I noticed I lost one of my gloves. Luckily, I went to the small shop (because Maria and I bought us Mickey hats and I got myself some cool gloves) and the lady told me to go back and ask if the staff found it. I went back and if you believe it or not, exactly at that moment, the wagons which arrived, one guy, sitting on my spot got my glove! That was all that was exciting at the Studios, and it also was almost lunchtime, so we went to the Walt Disney Park.

We just wanted to search our way to the next attraction – Space Mountain, when we noticed that the parade was about to pass. Therefore, we decided to have a look before we brace ourselves for the next adrenaline kick 😉

“Remember that this whole thing started with a Dream and a mouse” – Walt Disney

On our list of possible attractions were still two stations; Pirates of the Carribean and Indiana Jones. Pirates of the Carribean was quite a disappointment. It was a boat cruise, where you could have a look at different pirate scenarios which were built with some puppets moving around. It was very short and there is no other word – boring. Though, I loved the detailed picture they gave you of that scene. Indiana Jones was a roller coaster outside, it was cool, but it was too cold for that! And my head got shaken all the time from the left to the right side and I always hit my ears against the cushions (which weren’t very soft). After we managed to tick all adrenaline stuff, we decided to go back to the hotel and have a late lunch and lay down for a while, before returning in the evening to see something of the light shows.

We went back, I had again my delicious burger, and we had a wonderful nap! Around five pm we returned to the park. The people were already gathering around the big Christmas tree. We could have had a better spot, though the light show was very nice,

We walked a little bit around and took some pictures of the beautiful, glittering castle. Probably, most of you will know, but for those who don’t know it, the castle in Walt Disneyland is a copy from the German Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. Actually, we wanted to wait for the firework, but with the sun gone it turned very cold so we decided to leave and go home and sleep early to be fit on the next morning.

On the next morning we packed all our stuff, had breakfast, and before we checked out, I said to Maria that I didn’t take any pictures of our hotel, so I wanted to go on that big balcony to take some. We were looking for an entrance. We went out (without jackets, because we just came from breakfast – so very chilly) took some pictures and then we tried to get in again. Without success. You couldn’t open the glass door from the outside, I had really to laugh, so typical 😛 I knocked on the glass and we were saved by an employee of the hotel. The sad part about that is, that I somehow deleted the pictures! :-O I cannot even show you what pics I took 🙁 but you can go on the webpage and get an impression 😉

Well, after this little adventure we checked out and went to the train station in front of the Park. We locked our luggage into a locker and went again, first to the Walt Disney Studio. This time, we knew where our way was leading us, so we were much earlier at the Tower of Terror and the line was also much shorter, therefore, we directly went twice on it!!! Just love the feeling 😀 After that we also went twice … or was it three times? Never mind, several times on the Aerosmith Rollercoaster J it gets just better J Within the park, we watched the parade again (poor people), went into some of those awesome shops for some souvenirs, and also went a few times on the Space Mountain. The best ride was the last one. We asked to be seated in the first wagon, in the very front! Amazing, what a big difference it makes. You don’t see in which direction it goes, or you see first how the loop looks like, gives you just a bigger kick J after we had enough of the rides, we took some more pics and slowly said goodbye to Walt Disneyland.

We got back to our luggage and took the bus to the airport. We were so tired! I will not explain too much, just let’s say, it was a long way and we were staying in one hotel in Vienna, because around 10pm, there is no train going to Gnadendorf. I just took some final notes for my post, checked my pictures and went very tired to bed. I tried to edit a youtube video, to combine all the videos I made at Walt Disneyland, so you get a picture of how it was. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you hopefully again for my next post.

Until next time!


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