How to Wear Food-Themed Earrings? Part 1

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My recent obsession with food-themed earrings resulted in numerous “just one more” purchases at This Czech online store opened up a whole new world of accessories for me while presenting a unique challenge: how can I incorporate food-themed earrings into my daily life without alienating friends or getting fired?

Pink ice cream cone earrings were my first experiment. Fortunately there is no dress code at my office and casual clothing is perfectly acceptable. Paired with a pink top and with black pants, the sweet earrings were a success.

My second tasteful outfit consisted of rainbow lollipop earrings with a simple black dress. But I was quickly bored with wearing black so the two dozen pairs of earrings gathered dust while I brainstormed more colorful solutions.

Several weeks without inspiration and my excitement for the delicious earrings fizzled, turning dress shopping into my new favorite pastime. That was when I discovered the perfect red and white stripy dress. Hoping to wear it to work I tried it on in the morning but realized that even with a plain sweater the dress was a bit too much for the casual environment at my office.

The solution came to me as I admired the red and white color-theme: Kinder Eggs! It had been against my better judgment that I order earrings that would make me crave chocolate every time I saw my reflection. But it was the mini Kinder Eggs saved my wardrobe crisis: they matched my outfit perfectly while dressing it down several notches.

Next challenge: bacon and egg earrings!


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