Scuba-Diving at Pileh Bay: Phi Phi, Thailand 2018

, Scuba-Diving at Pileh Bay: Phi Phi, Thailand 2018, The Travel Bug Bite


  1. Hi! I am a backpacker and will visit Thailand next year. Can you tell us if it is better to book a travel service or if it is safe to arrange a trip to the island? My friend recommended to book my tickets, but now I’m considering whether to join a group or take advantage of a tour service as I’ll be traveling alone.

    1. It is safe to book a trip on your own and the great thing about Thailand is that you can book things when you get there and usually get a better price than you would online 🙂 As for going with a group, your hotel/airbnb may be able to help you organize a tour. My experience with Thailand has been to not book anything ahead of time because it was cheaper/better to book directly once you’re there. I hope you enjoy your trip!

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