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I Published a Short Story – Free Giveaway

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I am absolutely terrified to even post about this. I’ve been writing articles and blog post for over 5 years and some of them reached hundreds of thousands of people. So why do I suddenly have the online version of stage fright? This will be my first time publishing a fictional story!

Writing a fictional story that comes out of your heart and mind is completely different from reporting on facts and writing down your thoughts. Characters in a story are as dear to a writer as children, because you create them with your blood, sweat and tears.

So what is my story about? Love as Blue as Hawaii is about a group of people who meet in Hilo on the Big Island. Some characters are exchange students from Europe, others are locals from the island or other US States. They immediately form a bond stronger than any friendship any of them has experienced. They are all so different but they are drawn together!

Stephanie, the protagonist, finds herself forgetting the place that she once called home and starts to fall for a muscular blonde surfer Kai! This guy is completely out of her league and the complete opposite of her boyfriend, Kevin. Love as Blue as Hawaii is a short story about falling: falling in love, falling into a brand new routine and falling (actually, jumping) off of cliffs. It will be published in a steamy romance anthology Surrender to Passion.

This book will be published on February 12th, although you can pre-order it today here: https://books2read.com/passion

But wait, I did say free giveaway and I wasn’t lying. What’s more terrifying that publishing one short fictional story? Publishing two! I wrote a second story to promote my first, and it could not be more different than my first story!

Break Up, Make Up:

In this short romantic comedy, 22-year-old Helen faces one betrayal after another from the various men in her life. There’s her lying long-term boyfriend, inappropriate hostel boss, violent ex-boss and at least one condescending cop. Finally, there’s her dangerously sexy ex-boyfriend who has settled down with a vain skinny bitch and has forgotten all about Helen. Or has he?

You can claim it for free using the link below. Download it as an ePub, mobi or PDF and choose to opt-in if you could like to receive occasional email updates: https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/ivYyPZiI

To follow my fictional writing adventures, you can subscribe to my author’s website: https://www.olenakagui.com

, I Published a Short Story – Free Giveaway, The Travel Bug Bite, The Travel Bug Bite

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