Revival Brewing Company: Delicious Craft Beer & More

, Revival Brewing Company: Delicious Craft Beer & More, The Travel Bug Bite

Yesterday, on October 25th, 2019, Revival Brewing Company celebrated Halloween, their 8th anniversary and crew birthdays all at once. I had originally planned on having a quiet Friday in, but this was one event I just couldn’t miss.

, Revival Brewing Company: Delicious Craft Beer & More, The Travel Bug Bite

I discovered the Revival Tasty Room & Brewery simply because it was one of the closest breweries to my house. I tried a flight of beers and immediately fell in love with their Pinky Swear Berliner Weisse beer! According the their description, “Combining kettle souring with tons of raspberries and blueberries to the tale end of fermentation creates this refreshing and tart drink of delightfulness. We swear!

While all beers taste best directly from the tap, Revival also sells cans for a reasonable price for such delicious craft beer! The great thing about this brewery is that they keep things fresh and keep creating new beers for clients to try. Right now there are 30 available beers varying from more classic brews to unique flavors including a great selection of sours which are my favorite. They have IPAs, ales, pilsners, lagers and wheat beers – basically, they have something for everyone.

, Revival Brewing Company: Delicious Craft Beer & More, The Travel Bug Bite

Both times I went to the brewery I enjoyed the great atmosphere and attentive service. Yesterday at the Halloween party I finally got to try some of the food from the “Tasty Room,” which was amazing. My husband and I got Otis’s Vegan Tacos and the Tempura Portabello Tacos for $10 each (both vegan!)

The Otis’s Tacos were extremely spicy because I didn’t think to ask beforehand about it. Although I couldn’t enjoy them, Isaac said that the BBQ seitan was amazing. I ended up eating the Tempura Portabello Tacos after removing the jalapeño topping and they were absolutely amazing. Our server went out of her way to make sure we enjoyed the food and we will definitely be eating here again! 

But let’s get back to the beer… 

Revival’s first craft beer was the Double Black IPA that came out in November 17, 2011. While the brewery has grown in popularity, you still have to come to New England to enjoy it. Obviously, I recommend that you try it at the Rival Tasty Room in Cranston, RI if you can. But their canned beers are also avaialble at select stores in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Last night at the Halloween party, they debuted the Triple Black IPA as the anniversary beer! We had to try it and it was amazing, if you like dark beer. This 10.8% beer can definitely give Guinness a run for it’s money!

My drink of choice last night was the Rose IPA which was light and fruity.  They describe it as: Grapes from Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard Farm were used in collaboration with champagne yeast and cider yeast to create this dry, wicked aromatic, slightly hazy, yet bright ale. The hops shine, the taste is killer, this brew is a fairy tale come true.

, Revival Brewing Company: Delicious Craft Beer & More, The Travel Bug Bite

For the Halloween party there was live music that started at 8 PM. The staff was dressed in costumes and there was an amazing Stranger Things photo booth! Since the event was Stranger Thing’s themed, they were also selling Eggos with Pinky Swear Ice Cream for dessert! Unfortunately,  I didn’t get to try it but it sounded delicious.

They also had special themed cocktails, one with ‘demodog essence’ as the final ingredient. One of my favorite things about Revival’s Tasty Room is that the owners and staff are so fun and easy-going which gives the place such a great vibe.

A few final things…

The brewery offers free tours every Saturday at 4 PM and I am definitely planning on going sometime in the near future! In addition to great food and drinks, they have a basketball arcade game and a pool table. You can follow their Facebook page and check out their blog on the official website. There is always something exciting going on, like brunch, karaoke, Meatless Mondays, movie screenings, football tailgating, live music and of course, Oktoberfest. They even have dog friendly events!

I think that’s enough raving on my part. Make sure to check them out if you’re ever in the area (or make a trip out of it) and let me know about your experience in the comment section below!


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