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Broadway Roulette: Review

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I discovered Broadway Roulette just over a month ago. Even though I lived in New York City for almost a year, I didn’t get to see a show because of the price. I wish I had known about it when I didn’t live a four hour drive away. Broadway Roulette allowed me to see Chicago in an orchestra seat for just $96 including all fees.

Broadway Roulette works exactly as it sounds. You sign up to see a Broadway show but you don’t know which show it will be. I found out that I was going to the 1:30 PM showing of Chicago that morning at 8:30 AM.

One of the guarantees of Broadway Roulette is that you won’t overpay for the tickets. The email with the showing time also revealed that the total cost of the tickets would have been $139. I was shocked that it could get that low, but hey, we still saved $43 per ticket! There are other shows where you save even more.

Chicago was my first Broadway show and I absolutely loved it. I was worried that I would end up seeing something obscure that I had never heard of. All my friends who have been to shows before guaranteed me that I’d love it no matter what because of the atmosphere. After going to my first show, I believe them 100%.


$96 is a great price for a Broadway show, but it can get even cheaper! If you’re okay with less fancy seating, you can get tickets for as little as $59 +fees on Broadway Roulette. You can also make sure the show is family friendly, musicals only and you can choose to have a wider selection that includes former favorites.

Once you make your selection, you can eliminate between four and nine shows from your roulette. You can see all the shows that are available by clicking on the various options before you proceed. Once you have an account, Broadway Roulette keeps track of what you’ve seen. You can book an entire week of daily shows and you won’t see the same show more than once. They will also give you a discount for your next show.

My experience with Broadway Roulette was amazing and I really regret not knowing about it when I lived in the city. I will definitely be back to see more shows and I recommend that you try them out too!

Broadway Roulette
Broadway Roulette
Broadway Roulette
Broadway Roulette

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