Beyond Sushi: Vegan in New York City

Beyond Sushi, Beyond Sushi: Vegan in New York City, The Travel Bug Bite

Sushi was the one thing preventing me from going fully vegan when I first decided to change my eating habits. Like many people, I was just obsessed with raw fish. I would literally dream of eating salmon nigiri. One of the best culinary moments of my life involved eating raw fish in Ginza, Japan. Does Beyond Sushi taste at all like raw salmon belly? No, of course not. But it is beyond amazing.

Sushi is my go-to answer to the question “if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be.” It is definitely a cheat answer because sushi is so incredibly versatile. This goes for all types of sushi, even vegan.

While many vegan sushi places that I have been to have focused on mock-fish, this particular place features natural ingredients. Avocado, mango, pickled cabbage, mushrooms and black rice are the most common elements of their rolls.

Beyond Sushi, Beyond Sushi: Vegan in New York City, The Travel Bug Bite
Selection of rolls!

These rolls made with natural ingredients are to die for. There is so much flavor in each bite that even soy-sauce freaks like me take it easy to enjoy the taste. The restaurant also offers dumplings, desserts and other Japanese-style delicacies that are all plant-based.

The only thing holding me back from eating here every time I visit the city is the price. It’s not ridiculous by New York City standards but it’s far from affordable to the average Joe. When I do go, I go all out and gorge myself on sushi goodness. Seriously, if I won the lottery I’d probably die from over-eating here.

Beyond Sushi has been so popular that they have expanded to six locations with a promised seventh on the Upper East Side. I have gone to various locations and they were all equally amazing. The staff was always pleasant, seating was always available and the sushi is made behind clear glass that shows all the ingredients – great for YouTube fiends like myself.

Video of my experience!

My other favorite vegan sushi place in New York City is Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant. They go the mock-meat and fish route which is less healthy but so incredibly mouth-watering! We’ve been here several times, once with vegetarian friends who kept asking us, “are you sure this isn’t meat?”

One great thing about any sushi restaurant is that there is always a vegan option. People seem to forget that avocado rolls, cucumber rolls and tofu skin inari are all staples that are 100% vegan. The local sushi place I frequent every payday has delicious peanut avocado rolls.

A fancier, further away sushi place that is a go-to for family birthday parties has crispy sweet potato rolls that are to die for. Back in China, our local place had canned mango rolls that sound gross, but they perfectly mimic the texture of raw fish.

Keep an eye on The Travel Bug Bite for more reviews of sushi places that I visit. Some vegan, others not, all amazing because you can’t go wrong with sushi.

Beyond Sushi, Beyond Sushi: Vegan in New York City, The Travel Bug Bite
Mushroom rolls!

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